In Blagoveshchensk lit concrete products plant

© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera in fotobanka. Archival photoIn Blagoveshchensk lit concrete products plant© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera the image Bank

The Blagoveshchensk rescuers to extinguish a fire on-site molding of concrete products plant, reports of EMERCOM in the Amur region.

«The message about the fire was received at the Central point of fire communication of Blagoveshchensk on Friday at 12.51 (6.51 GMT). The fire left the fire and rescue teams of the Annunciation of the garrison, the operational group of EMERCOM in the Amur region, Blagoveshchensk fire fighting unit», — stated in the message.

On the scale of the fire is not yet reported in the local media there was a video of the spread of black smoke in the area of the fire.