In Germany preparing for the ban on bringing laptops on all flights in USA

© Flickr / calgaryreviewsСалон of the aircraft. Archival photoIn Germany preparing for the ban on bringing laptops on all flights in USA© Flickr / calgaryreviews

The German authorities are preparing for the possibility that the United States prohibit bringing laptops on all flights heading to the country, according to the magazine Spiegel.

As previously reported, administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is considering such a possibility. Thus, according to representatives of the U.S. Department of homeland security, in the case of the spread of a ban on the transportation of large electronic devices on all flights bound for the United States, Europe is no exception.

According to information Spiegel, now in order to prevent delays travellers, flying with a connection through the airports of Germany, and primarily through the country’s largest airport Frankfurt on the main, should register for a major electronic devices in the departure airport.

In this regard, as the newspaper notes, the German experts are wondering why the ban only concerns bringing laptops into the cabin, while the Luggage compartment it does not apply. They warn that in the event of an explosion and fire to cope with fire it would be easier in the cabin than in the hold, despite being in it for the camera and an automatic fire suppression system.

«However, after their activation, you can’t go into the Luggage compartment and make sure the fire is really extinguished,» the magazine quoted a former Professor of Berlin technical University for aerospace engineering Gerhard Huttig.

Earlier, the US imposed a ban on bringing liquids on Board larger electronics cell phones and smartphones (with the exception of medical devices), which applies to flights of ten airports in the middle East and North Africa and came into force on 25 March.