In Japan adopted the project, allowing to pass on the throne during the life of the Emperor

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The Japanese government has adopted a draft law authorizing the transfer Hrizantemovym the throne to the heir during the life of the current Emperor, Kyodo news Agency reported.

According to the existing law of succession transfer of the throne takes place after the death of the Emperor his heir. However, in August last year, Emperor Akihito made an appeal to the people, in which he made it clear that he would like to retire due to old age hampering the performance of duties.

As expected, the adopted draft law will be submitted to the Parliament.

On the question of the possibility of such transfer of the throne pondering the expert Council, consisting of lawyers, historians and politicians. This is due to the fact that neither the Japanese Constitution nor the law on the Imperial house is not provide for in vivo transfer of the throne. In the fourth Chapter of the law on the Imperial house, stated that the throne «goes to the first by right of inheritance after the death of the Emperor.» Thus, it was necessary not only to consider the possibility of a lifetime of succession, but also all the formalities and details associated with it.

So important was the question of how to call the Emperor after the abdication. The draft law also regulates, based on medieval precedents was spread such a transfer of power and the care of the current Emperor on the rest – then the former Emperor was called «Taize Tenno» or the abbreviation «zeko». At that time the most common form was the departure of the Emperor to the monastery. Thus, the current Emperor Akihito will be called «Jaco». The bill also specifies that the funeral rite of the forsaken Emperor will be held by the same rules and canons, like the Emperor himself.

As expected, the transfer of the throne will officially be in December 2018, or 30-year reign of the current Emperor. In Japan, the simultaneous use of two calendar – European and the reign of the Emperor. Therefore, 2019 will be the first year of the reign of the new Emperor. The motto of the new Board will be presented in the summer of that year that will allow financial institutions, government agencies and businesses to prepare for the coming changes and the beginning of a new reign with the new year on the European calendar also recognized as convenient for transport.

Now first in line to the throne is the eldest son of the Emperor Prince of Naruhito. His only daughter, Princess Aiko, the law has no right to inherit the throne, so the second member of the Imperial family claims to the throne, is the younger brother of Prince Naruhito Prince Akishino, Fumihito. He is also the father of a third at a time and only in the young generation of the Imperial family, the heir to the throne, Prince, a ten-year Hisahito. As expected, in connection with the change of status and transition of Prince Akishino to the position of heir to the throne the annual income of his family will increase three times — up to 91 million yen (about 830 thousand dollars).


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