In Kovrov condemned the head of the funeral firm, offering services for the living

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in fotobounce on the door of the crate to the dock. Archival photoIn Kovrov condemned the head of the funeral firm, offering services for the living© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

The court sentenced him to three years in prison Director of funeral services in Kovrov in the Vladimir region, which made the margin for the funeral at 100% and offered funeral services for the still-living people, said Friday the regional Directorate of the RF IC.

Against the former Director of the municipal unitary enterprise of the city of kovrova «Memory» 54-year-old Nicholas Korshunova was a criminal case of embezzlement of funds, abuse of authority, and petty bribery.

«The consequence and court it is established that at the end of 2013, the accused implemented the illegal scheme, according to which, to the detriment of the municipality and citizens, the execution of municipal contracts for funeral services was effectively transferred to FE «Nikolaev», but was made due to technical and labour resources of the municipal enterprises», — stated in the message.

According to the SC, kites abolished the forms of the strict reporting and independently formed the cost of goods and services, the mark-up which was 100%. «Information on death of citizens accused of «hot» mode received from the staff of the ambulance and the police, does not exclude the cases where ahead of the event, showing blatant cynicism, subordinates Korshunova offered funeral services for living people», — says the investigation, noting that the income of municipal enterprises fell rapidly, and the personal earnings of the defendant were growing up.

«By abuse of official powers through a commercial firm only for the period from January 2014 to August 2015 it has received about 4 million rubles. More than half a million rubles, the accused stole municipal enterprises illegally paying for the expense of budget funds services to the cashier for work in FE «Nikolaev» and the withdrawal of gasoline», — informs a consequence.

At the request of the investigation, Korshunov was detained. The UK has provided the court with a whole range of evidence, more than 300 interrogations of witnesses, results of investigations about two thousand telephone connections Korshunova with the staff of the ambulance and the police. To ensure the compensation of material damage caused to the budget of Kovrov, on the property of the defendant was seized.

«The verdict Korshunova was sentenced to imprisonment for a period of 3 years with serving him in a penal colony with a ban to hold senior positions in state and municipal authorities for a period of 2.5 years, and fined in the amount of 70 thousand rubles», — informs a consequence.


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