In the Ivanovo region will continue the construction of the road Gaglio-Il

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Incomerate in photobacteria. Archival photoIn the Ivanovo region will continue the construction of the road Gaglio-Il© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Uncovereth the image Bank

The construction of the road Gaglio-Il in the TRANS-Volga and Kineshma areas of the Ivanovo region will be continued as soon as weather conditions allow and will be solved a number of technical issues, reported the regional Department of road facilities and transport.

Earlier Friday, official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko reported conducting procedural checks on the fact of abuse of authority during the construction of this road. According to preliminary data, noted in the UK, the construction of the road began three years ago, but soon stopped, was built only one kilometer.

The chief of regional Department of road Andrei Shukshin said that ensuring residents of settlements on the left Bank of the Volga, where there are only natural thumb drives, a full transport remains one of the priorities of the region, so «about any halt to the construction and even temporarily suspend the question.»

«Currently, the weather conditions technique simply can’t work in the construction area. As soon as the weather will allow, will be resolved the latest technical issues, a contractor engaged in the construction, will proceed in accordance with the approved timetable at the facility in 2017», — quotes the press release of the Department of the words Shukshin.

In Department reminded that the decision on the construction of the highway Galevo-Il was taken by the government of the Ivanovo region in 2014. Construction, estimated cost of which at current prices amounted to 400 million rubles provided in two stages, including 1-stage 9.1 kilometer, 2-stage — 2.1 km. Permission was granted for the construction of 2nd stage road, in accordance with the contract construction and installation work performed by OOO «DSU-1».

According to the Department, in 2014-2015 the cost of construction and installation work amounted to 38 million rubles, the plot works on the construction of the subgrade with a total length of 1 kilometer, an underlying layer of sand and gravel with a length of 0.8 kilometers, construction of reinforced concrete pipe, artificial drainage. In 2016, was carried out of land and cadastral works to continue the construction of the 1st stage of the road.

«This year, for the project of the Ivanovo region state program «Development of transport system of the Ivanovo region» provided funding in the amount of 48.7 million rubles, which is planned to finish one of the stages of construction. Indeed, originally it was planned to build a road up to 2017. But to realize such a large and expensive project for the region in such a short time is not possible. So now plans to build a facility in 2020″ — quoted in the press release, the words Shushkina.


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