In Tomsk Dvorkovich opened the new building of the oldest Siberian University

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Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich on Friday opened in Tomsk, a new building of the Institute of Economics and management (IEM) Tomsk state University (TSU); the ceremony was held in the framework of the forum of young scientists U-OVUS.

Deputy Prime Minister at the invitation of the head of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkin, participates Friday in the forum U-NOVUS, which takes place from 17 to 19 may. It is dedicated in 2017, talents and promising projects of young scientists. The forum involved about two thousand people.

The new building of TSU is located in the city centre, opposite the administration of the Tomsk region – on the street Naberezhnaya reki ushayki, 12. Previously, division of IEM were scattered in different buildings of the University. Institute of Economics and management was established in 2016 and United faculty of Economics, faculty of international management and graduate school of business. The purpose of the Association – modernization of the system of training managers and financiers, training on world-class standards.

New high-tech housing of the IEM is equipped as a modern business school – requirements for classrooms and infrastructure was developed jointly with international consultants. Together with the Deputy Prime Minister in the opening ceremony of the new building was attended by Gwatkin and rector of TSU Eduard Galazhinsky.

«Thank you to those who built such an interesting centre for education and training new specialists. I think it is very comfortable and modern, has all the conditions to get quality education. IEM, I think that can help the next generation of professionals to enter into the life of the XXI century with such skills and knowledge that allow you to be successful and to be leaders,» — said Dvorkovich during the ceremony.

In turn, said Galazhinsky, «the purpose of the Institute is to create a competence center of world class in the field of Economics and management of innovation.» The Institute plans to become a reference in the development of the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University, the implementation of innovative and entrepreneurial track. It will work in the premium segment of the market of Economics and management. We are talking about training managers for Russia, EEC and Southeast Asia, for the corporate sector. In IEM will be implemented a program of graduate, postgraduate, professional development, additional educational programs on topical areas of business (AgriMBA, the Presidential program and others). Today the Institute employs more than 100 teachers and researchers. Strategic partners of the Institute are around 20 leading Russian and international organizations.

According to the regional administration, the area of Institute – 4.6 thousand square meters. The new building has 11 large audiences from 20 to 100 seats (a total of 500 seats), two amphitheatres, a co-working centers to work in small groups, computer labs, copy center, café and library, which automatically results books. The building is fully accessible for people with disabilities.

According to the head of the region Zhvachkin, the modern equipment of the building breaks the established stereotypes: «We’ve learned that TSU – Imperial, research, national, as, for example, the building of the scientific library, where he was the Royal person. Now you see that there is a modern building where there are also Royal ladies are students, graduate students, teachers.»

After the official opening of the corps Deputy Prime Minister met with students and representatives of Tomsk innovative companies on the debate forum of young scientists U-NOVUS «the Way a technology entrepreneur in Russia: how to start a student?». Also in the program of his visit the opening of a children’s Park and children’s chess tournament, a meeting of the working group of the Federal project «INO Tomsk».

The first University in Siberia – Tomsk state University was established in 1878 by decree of Emperor Alexander II as Imperial Siberian University. The opening took place in 1888. In 2011 received the status of «national research» University. Since 2013 is included in the program of increase of competitiveness of leading Russian universities «5-100». —0-


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