Japanese fighter jets scrambled because of the Chinese drone

© Flickr / tataquaxИстребитель on the Japanese database. Archival photoJapanese fighter jets scrambled because of the Chinese drone© Flickr / tataquax

Fighters of the Japanese air self-defense forces were on alert due to the emergence of unmanned flying devices in the area of the disputed Senkaku Islands (Chinese name Diaoyu), said Japan’s defense Minister Tomomi Inada.

«(The appearance of the drone – ed.) is a violation of the sovereignty of our country. We believe that this means the violation of the airspace», — said the Minister at a press conference on Friday.

The drone climbed aboard the Chinese vessel safety at sea, which entered the waters near the Islands. In response, Japan raised the F-15.

According to Japanese security in the sea Thursday morning, four Chinese ships entered the territorial waters of Japan near the Senkaku Islands. Then Board one of them raised the drone. By China’s use of drones in the island area is observed for the first time. The Japanese foreign Ministry protested via China’s Embassy.

The last time the Chinese ships docked in the territorial waters of Japan near the Islands on 8 may. In the office of the Prime Minister then created the so-called headquarters of the response.

The Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu) Islands are subject to territorial dispute between China and Japan. Japan argues that occupies them since 1895, in Beijing, recalls that on Japanese maps 1783 and 1785 Diaoyu Islands designated as Chinese territory. After the Second world war the Islands were under US control and was transferred to Japan in 1972. In Taiwan and mainland China believe that Japan holds them illegally. Tokyo believes that China and Taiwan began to claim the Islands since 1970-ies, when it became clear that their waters rich in minerals.