Life as cinema: rolling out the «Dancer» on the controversial Sergei Polunin

© Photo : British Broadcasting Corporation and Polunin Ltd. / 2016Кадр from movie Dancer (2016)Life as cinema: rolling out the «Dancer» on the controversial Sergei Polunin© Photo : British Broadcasting Corporation and Polunin Ltd. / 2016

MOSCOW, may 17 — RIA Novosti, Pavel Nuts. In may the Russian film dedicated to ballet. The «Big» Valery Todorovsky in the cinema starts a documentary of the ballet Thriller «Dancer» American Director Steven Cantor. His hero is 27-year-old Ukrainian Sergei Polunin, the youngest Prime Minister of London’s Royal Opera, sensationally left of his own accord and went to dance in Russia. The premiere took place on 15 may in Moscow cinema «pioneer» in the framework of the festival «Priceless cities in cinema», and personally introduced himself Sergei Polunin.

As talented Polunin happened «all at once», the «Dancer» is not a film about what price gets the main place on the stage, but the story is about finding yourself and what really you want for you.

But Polunin was born in 1990 in the South of Ukraine, and his family — the usual Russian provincials, just like in the film Todorovsky — watched already, not Big, but in the opposite direction. The world has suddenly become closer. Predefined future disintegrated into hundreds of unique and unpredictable possibilities.

In London, his competition was not so strong, and he quickly proved to be the best head. Not finding where to go, Polunin became the «bad guy» of the ballet world, some love fans and journalists. Tattooed Polunin led a life of the stars rock-n-roll: the top advertised brands, starred in fashion photographers and missed rehearsals, getting into scandals with wild parties and drugs. This life, he chopped off one day just turned around on my way to another rehearsal.

The search for inner peace can easily be confused with laziness, carelessness, restlessness, what is sometimes blamed today’s 20-30 year olds. One of the representatives of this generation, Hollywood Director Damien of Sazell to «La La land» was removed laconic drama in a documentary style — Obsession. In the story, a harsh mentor transforms the lives of his student-drummer in hell to make just a good musician, a genius. Because the life of a genius in art is hard work, hell, and the flour, otherwise it can not be. For Chazelle and his generation of the truth sounds like a revelation. Why, what in the name of so much suffering, if life should bring pleasure and happiness?

After leaving London, he danced on the best stages of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk, participated in a TV show on the channel «Culture», went to Hollywood acting and starred in the movie.

In November, the screen goes to «murder on the Orient Express, where Polunin has starred with such stars as Penelope Cruz and johnny Depp.

«I can’t stand for a long time to rehearse, warm-up, — says the dancer in an interview. — Everything should be like the first time when you’re waiting for some surprise when you don’t know what will happen in the next minute and it will all end».

Unlike «Big» with his eternal plots and archetypal characters, «Dancer» is surprisingly timely movie that explains to the viewer something about the new generation and its hero, and, as the libretto, decrypts the essence of what is happening in the video Take Me to Church.