Poroshenko is «too much restrictions»: as of the UOC-MP saved with one call

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Castinplace in photomontage parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in KievPoroshenko is «too much restrictions»: as of the UOC-MP saved with one call© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Castinplace the image Bank

The fate of millions of Orthodox believers of Ukraine was to be decided Thursday: the Verkhovna Rada planned to consider two resonant draft law: «On the special status of religious organizations, senior centers are in the state, recognized by the Verkhovna Rada aggressor» (No. 4511) and amendments to the law on freedom of conscience and religious organizations (draft law №4128). The first document suggests that the metropolitans and bishops would be appointed only in consultation with the authorities, and second, that the parishioners will be able to change the jurisdiction of the communities.

However, just a few minutes before the vote, the Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary faction «block of Petro Poroshenko» (BPP) Alexey Goncharenko said that the Council removes the documents from consideration: they say there is no required number of votes for their adoption. Then came the theory that the deputies simply did not have time before the end of the day to review these laws.

«A call from the state Department»
«Behind it is not the sense that, like, not all came, and the fact that the people who could vote, received a command not to do it. I assume that the MFP has received a command not to vote — what voices at once is not enough», — said in an interview with RIA Novosti Director of the Ukrainian Center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

He called outrageous bills to open war against millions of people. Besides, their review took place against the backdrop of the ban by the President of Ukraine of access to social networks «Vkontakte», «Classmates» and resources «Yandex» and Mail.ru. This decision Poroshenko, most likely, in the opinion of the expert, «I already do».

«Even the state Department told him, saying, what are you doing? And if we add is — a clear violation of the Constitution. This is an unprecedented thing, when you introduce state control over the Church, it is a direct violation of the Constitution. Therefore, he explained that he will play the game with this case. Imagine that the decision is made, it will be the signal for attack at once on the whole Church. There will not be enough (Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine) Arsen Avakov, in order to keep it all,» — said the expert.
To dad on the carpet

The world community is seriously concerned about the initiative of deputies. In the case of the adoption of the ill-fated bills, we can go about this religious war in the Ukraine. Probably one in the South — East of the country- elected representatives is not enough.
In the network appeared information about the fact that the Vatican is deeply disturbed by the possible enactment of laws. So much that even called representative of Ukraine to the Holy see.

«Of course, this is an extremely sensitive issue for the parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church, and, of course, unacceptable to any action that would prejudice the interests of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine», — said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill sent a message to President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the presidents of Russia and France, the Chancellor of Germany, the Pope and the UN Secretary General in which he noted the inadmissibility of the adoption of these projects, which will legitimize «unheard of in modern Europe of discriminatory practices against the majority of the Orthodox population of Ukraine».

«The continuation of the case of the Soviet Union»

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Church is already beginning to mobilize believers. Across the country collected signatures under the appeal to the deputies not to make a clearly unconstitutional law. Thousands of people have gathered at walls of the Verkhovna Rada at a prayer vigil that, as stated in the Church, «God told MPs not to take the anti-Catholic bills that is placed on the agenda of the meeting».

«Dear deputies! You plan to consider draft laws No. 4511 and # 4128, negative reviews which have given experts, religious scholars, politicians, and all concerned Ukrainians. But the estimates are given by those whom these laws are directly related is Orthodox Ukrainians who disagree with the adoption of the proposed changes. More than 300 000 citizens of Ukraine, addressed personally to You, their elected representatives, asking them not to accept these bills. Today near the Verkhovna Rada gathered tens of thousands of believers, with a prayer on his lips asking to listen to the voice of the Church. These numerous prayer vigils held throughout Ukraine», — he addressed to deputies, the Primate of the UOC Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Onufry.

Throughout all the years of Ukraine’s independence believers, as he said, «all together bit by bit, sweat and tears, trying to build interfaith peace, rebuild destroyed temples, and, most importantly, has restored the damaged human soul.» And now, said Metropolitan Onufry, through the will of individual politicians can be «revived and continued the case of atheistic godless power».