Prime Minister of Greece is waiting for the creditors to fulfil their obligations

© AP Photo / Yorgos KarahalisПремьер-the Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras. Archival photoPrime Minister of Greece is waiting for the creditors to fulfil their obligations© AP Photo / Yorgos Karahalis

Greece has fulfilled its obligations and now it is the turn of the creditors to do it, said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday to journalists following the adoption by Parliament of a law that at the request of creditors introduces a new cost-saving measures.

The adoption of the law is one of the conditions for a positive assessment of the reform program, and without it, Greece cannot receive the next tranche of the loan to service the debt.

«The results of today’s vote, Greece has fully complied with all that was agreed. Now the ball is in the field of creditors. Now it is their turn to fulfil their obligations in full, as we did,» said the Greek PM.

«We expect and are entitled to the decision of the Eurogroup meeting next Monday (may 22) to adjust the Greek public debt, which should be in the sacrifices of the Greek people,» Tsipras noted.

Greece is seeking to reduce the burden of public debt exceeds 320 billion euros (180% of GDP). According to experts, the debt is unsustainable, the country is unable to pay it.