Rosobrnadzor prepared to do the exam on the history of the mandatory exam

© Fotolia / KzenonШкольники writing test. Archival photoRosobrnadzor prepared to do the exam on the history of the mandatory exam© Fotolia / Kzenon

Rosobrnadzor prepared to conduct the exam in history as a compulsory examination, all necessary work is already built, told reporters the Deputy head of the Supervisory authority Anzor Muzaev.

Earlier, the Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilieva has announced that the exam on the history will become mandatory in 2020.

«We have work lined up. We are ready to carry out any evaluation procedure, from the national studies of the quality of education, national calibration to the unified state examination in any subject,» said Muzaev, commenting on the idea of introducing a mandatory exam for history.

«I emphasize that we are ready to solve technological and organizational issues on any of the subjects», — he added.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister reminded that in 2017 on the history of CSE remains the exam of choice.