Russian-Greek «Oedipus the King» opened a theatre festival in Israel

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotobanka of the play Oedipus the King. Archival photoRussian-Greek «Oedipus the King» opened a theatre festival in Israel© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

Russian-Greek play «Oedipus the King» under the applause of the Israeli public opened on Thursday the international theatrical festival «Gesher» in a Bohemian tel Aviv suburb of Jaffa.

The tragedy of the ancient playwright Sophocles brought the Moscow Vakhtangov theatre put on a play together with the National theatre of Greece in Athens.

«I can safely say that the audience of tel Aviv and the people of Israel most often see performances of the Vakhtangov theatre. Thanks to the festival, thanks to our close cooperation this is our fourth visit here and the fourth performance, which we present here in the audience», — told reporters the Director of the Vakhtangov theatre Kirill KROK.

«Oedipus the king» — the latest production by the theatre. Last year she was in Greece, first Epidaurus, the oldest from operating in the country amphitheater, then in Athens. Then it was the turn of Moscow, where the play was brought to be celebrated in November, the 95th anniversary of the theatre.

Oedipus Rex performed by Victor Dobronravova is taken to investigate the death of his predecessor Barking, ignoring the warnings of the blind soothsayer, Terese, played by Yevgeny Knyazev. Oedipus to his horror finds out that Laius was his father whom he killed and married his own mother Jocasta, whose role given to Lyudmila Maksakova. The king, who in the course of the play changes an antique mantle with a gold tiara on a white three-piece suit and plays the saxophone, condemns himself and immediately give effect to it.

«Fascinating, clearly and strongly told story. Yes, but bored and filed modern. Emotion has not settled yet, but probably will not be an exaggeration to call what we saw tonight, one of my most vivid theatrical experiences,» he told RIA Novosti after the performance, a Russian-speaking resident of tel Aviv Julia.

Almost the only decoration was the likeness placed on one side of the pipe occupied almost the entire scene of the tel Aviv theater «Gesher». Rolling back and forth design performs the functions of the city wall, Regal pedestal, but most often symbolizes the inevitability of rock, crushed roller blind human destiny.

The performance is played in Russian and Greek. The last is the choir — an indispensable attribute of the ancient drama. In it the actors of the Athenian theatre. In tel Aviv statement was accompanied by subtitles in Hebrew and was a full house. The audience gave a standing ovation, and on the stage stood the Ambassador of Russia in Israel Alexander Shein with a bouquet for Lyudmila Maksakova.

The Creator of the show, the artistic Director of the Vakhtangov theatre Rimas Tuminas, contrary to expectations, in tel Aviv did not come. His absence, the organizers explained the recent «small operation» and the recommendation of doctors «not to fly in our hot country,» but stressed that he was «fine».

In the framework of the festival «Gesher» Israelis will see another Russian show — «hamlet/Collage» theatre of Nations Yevgeny Mironov manipularii. The program also Israeli performances, performances for children, street performances, master classes and creative meetings, including with the President of the Museum of fine arts Pushkin, Irina Antonova, told the organizers of the festival, which runs until 3 June.

«This year we’ve decided to give the audience a real theatrical feast, which lasts three weeks and turn Jaffa into one big stage,» — said the organizer of the festival, General Director of the Russian-Hebrew theatre «Gesher» Lena Kreindlin.

«We want this unique area of tel Aviv has become a real international cultural centre, along with Avignon, Edinburgh and Ghent,» she added.