«Stealth» in space: who violates the rules of space traffic?

© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Planinarski debris and working satellites in different orbits around the Earth«Stealth» in space: who violates the rules of space traffic?© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Polyanina

The first satellite was launched into geostationary orbit in 1964. And in less than half a century, this orbit is completely split between the two countries, as Parking in front of very successful trading centre. Indeed, the major money spinning in a geostationary orbit, i.e. at a distance of 35 786 km from Earth. The thing is that in this orbit the satellite goes around the planet with angular rate equal to the angular velocity of rotation of the Earth around the axis, — that is hanging in the sky motionless.

With regard to the protection of his own group, the Americans almost speak openly about that with their satellites can place satellites guards, who at the approach of an enemy space object can take some action, for example to blow up the alien spacecraft.
Although in order to bring down a satellite in space, can be nothing to blow up, and just throw a metal ball, which with precise hit will display all the system. You can also release a cloud of plasma, or some fraction. However, it’s all fantasy! The only case of the use of weapons in space was hidden by the Soviet authorities. Only after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian sources acknowledged that the implementation of the firings in orbit. They occurred on 24 January 1974 on Board the space station «Salyut-3» shortly before its decay. Shot gun Nudelman. Since in space do not shoot, and just watch.
As explained by RIA Science a source close to the search observations using a network of telescopes:

«Until now, the Americans used spy satellites launched in the late 80-ies that continue to maneuver. Even went the joke, which probably is the tank with fuel, to which is fastened the antenna. Indeed, they have the means to bring geostationar very heavy satellites weighing five or six tons. And antenna these satellites can reach tens of meters.»

These satellites use long-term storable fuel like hydrazine, it is a hard compound that does not decompose. Therefore, a spacecraft in orbit can work decades. In order for the satellites remained invisible to all, as says the source, are used for the control of optical visibility. There are some signs that there is a weakening of the brightness of the American vehicles when approaching within the radio visibility zone of Russian telescopes. Rather, they unfold an edge of a solar panel that they did not reflect, and maybe use some other technology to create invisibility. All maneuvering is usually done in conditions of full moon, when the devices are worse visible.
However, it is difficult to remain unnoticed in space during system operation, the network telescope, which was launched by scientists of many countries. In addition, there are «professional Amateurs» of astronomy, which, in particular, watch for satellites. Some of these «fans» can even predict what day of the week will occur one or another maneuver.