The Pope condemned the use of embryos in medicine

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Pope Francis condemned the use of human embryos for the development of medicines, praising at the same scientists working on the drugs against genetic diseases.

«I encourage you to continue your work in such a way that it contributed to the development of a «disposable culture,» said the Pontiff during the audience, dedicated to informing the public about Huntington’s disease — one of the most severe neurodegenerative genetic diseases that lead to the disintegration of personality and loss of movement.

«Some research directions involve the use of embryos which will inevitably perish. We know that no goal, even a noble, as a science, to others and to society, cannot justify the destruction of human embryos,» said the Pontiff at the event, which brought together many scientists, physicians, patients with Huntington disease and their relatives.

Huntington’s disease — hereditary disease of the nervous system, in which the patient gradually loses the ability to move, speak and think. It develops mostly between the ages of 30-50 years due to a mutation of the gene huntingtin, which leads to the disease, and then to the death of nerve cells. There are various medications to mitigate the symptoms of the disease, but they are not able to delay the manifestation or slow down the development.