Turkey advocates the abolition of trade restrictions with Russia

© Fotolia / fotofundПомидоры. Archival photoTurkey advocates the abolition of trade restrictions with Russia© Fotolia / fotofund

Ankara rejects the term «restrictions» in trade with Russia, their between the two countries should not be, said the Minister of economy of Turkey Nihat Zeybekci.

«The Russian side is in favour of encouraging domestic production of tomatoes. But Turkey, do not accept the term «limitations»… we Believe that any restrictions in trade between the two countries should not be. We’ll wait until the end of may, and then will seek an in principle agreement» — quoted Zeybekci Anadolu Agency.

The Minister said he was sympathetic to actions of the Russian side, trying to regulate the processes by increasing or lowering the customs duties. According to him, trade relations between Turkey and Russia in General was normalized, and the cessation of exports of tomatoes to Russia «does not mean for Turkey the end of the world».

Russia introduced an embargo on the supply of Turkey a number of products from 1 January 2016 in response to the attack on the Turkish air force Russian su-24 in Syria, later the restrictions were removed. In early may Russian President Vladimir Putin after talks with the head of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced agreement on a «comprehensive decision on the lifting of restrictive measures in mutual trade». The restrictions for visa-free travel and the supply of tomatoes from Turkey to Russia is saved.