Apologies and compensation: MegaFon and Yota promise to compensate losses from the failure

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Accident the operator of mobile communication «the Megaphone» on may 19 led to the communication failure in Moscow, the Moscow region and the Volga region. Problems and «daughter» MegaFon’s Yota. Operators bring to subscribers an apology and promise to pay compensation.

«Those subscribers who have been affected by the accident, we will provide the payment; details will be announced at the beginning of the working week», — said General Director of «MegaFon» Sergey Soldatenkov in a statement published on the company’s page in social network «Vkontakte».

According to him, the experts conducted work to restore full network operation.

«Now the network is stable both in Moscow and in other regions where yesterday there was a problem with voice communication. Subscribers enjoy all the services in normal mode,» — said the head of the company.

«Once again sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We have made necessary conclusions and are already taking additional measures so that this situation doesn’t happen again. This is the first accident of this magnitude in the history of our company and we will do our best to keep the last», — concluded Soldatenkov.

The operator Yota also apologized and promised to pay compensation.

«Yota apologizes to its customers who faced problems while using the mobile operator’s services. The consequences of the accident were completely eliminated. We decided to pay compensation to 20 million rubles to customers who stayed in this day without the ability to make calls and use mobile Internet», — said the General Director of the company Vladimir Dobrynin.

As compensation Yota will provide users a discount on the next billing period. To get it, customers just need to contact support.

What happened

The problem of «MegaFon» began shortly after noon. The company reported that in Moscow and some other cities of the Central region «the decline in the success of a dialler» is 30 percent. It was noted that the calls possible using instant messengers.

Shortly thereafter, began to receive complaints from subscribers in the Volga Federal district. Inhabitants of the Ulyanovsk and Samara oblasts wrote in social networks that their SIM cards are not working, many appeared on the screen the message: «No network». Problems arose in the first place with voice calls.

About disruptions in communication also informed the residents of the Nizhny Novgorod region, Saratov, Ufa and Kazan. The company stated that it shall take all necessary measures and promised to fix everything as quickly as possible.

About the problems stated in the Yota, which operates as a virtual operator on the network «Megaphone». It was also reported about the problems of «Beeline» (a brand of VimpelCom), but later it turned out that they were related to work only one station.

In addition, the failure of the phones and the Internet have occurred in Federal Antimonopoly service. However, this problem was caused by a power outage in the building Department.

To fully establish the work of MegaFon was only a few hours. After him and Yota said that almost eliminated the consequences of the accident.

What is the reason

The failure on the network «Megaphone was connected with a software error.

«The problem arose because of an error software — software installed on our system the data processing. The failure has led to the fact that there is a constant peak load on the system and as a result the system can not withstand,» — said the Director of «MegaFon» public relations Peter Lidov in a video posted in the Telegram-channel operator.

He added that the company-the developer of this software and hardware manufacturer Hewlett Packard are seeking a systemic solution to this problem.

Leads are also brought subscribers an apology. «For MegaFon the communication quality is the main priority, and we will, of course, the necessary conclusions to avoid repetition of such situation in the future,» he concluded.

Later in «the Megaphone» have specified that a failure has occurred in the production database Hewlett-Packard — on the primary and backup nodes serving a number of Russian regions. According to the operator, Hewlett-Packard plans to install the software update.

Victims of the virus-the extortioner

For «Megaphone» the crash was the second in a week — previously, the operator had suffered large-scale hacker attacks, which began around the world on 12 may. A cyber attack disrupted the work of the support service of «MegaFon» and some outlets.

«Kaspersky lab» may 12 reported that they had recorded about 45 thousand attempts to infect cryptography program WannaCry in dozens of countries. Most of the attacks were observed in Russia, where the target of criminals, in addition to the «MegaFon» became the computers of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Sberbank, and the Ministry of health and other major organizations and agencies. The virus has been contained, leakage of confidential information did not happen.

Virus encrypted files on the victim’s computer, and for unlocking demanded $ 600 in bitcoins. Later, the Financial Times reported that the hackers used a modified malicious program of the national security Agency USA: a tool of the intelligence services, known as eternal blue («rich blue»), was combined with «a blackmailer».

Just from the virus-the extortioner WannaCry for several days had affected more than 200 thousand users in 150 countries.