Claim: native Friske obliged to return to the Rusfond 21.6 million rubles

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Perovsky court of Moscow has collected 21.6 million rubles from relatives Janna Friske on the claim «Rusfond».

This is the sum of the «Rusfond» demanded to return as the native singer has not provided evidence that the money was spent on paying for medical services. While charity said that the money was withdrawn from the accounts by the mother of the singer two weeks before her daughter’s death.

As co-defendants in the case, the court drew the father of singer Vladimir Friske, mother Olga Kopylov (Friske) and infant son, whose interests were represented by the civil husband of the singer Dmitry Shepelev.

Shepelev did not recognize the claim. Its representatives argued that the claim should have been stated that the mother of the singer. In addition, they demanded an end to the production of, and to appoint a handwriting examination of signatures of Zhanna Friske. In these requirements, the judge refused.

As a result, the court fully satisfied the claim of the Respond.

«Satisfy the claim, to recover from the defendants jointly and severally 21 million 633 thousand rubles, and a fee in the amount of 60 thousand rubles», — stated the judge Sergey Savostianov.

As the financial mechanism of the action was the «Rusfond», which controlled the funds and was responsible for their safety. At the end of January 2014 the Foundation announced that it has received from the American hospital, where Friske was treated, invoices and pay them. In addition, when the Fund said that more than 30 million rubles, he the desire of the singer will be transferred to the charity.

«On January 30 charges amounted to 68 746 583 rubles. After payment of the invoice from the clinic Jeanne (4 665 600 rubles) and debt for her previous treatment in a clinic in Miami (3 613 420 rubles) remains 60 467 563 ruble. If there is no objection Janinah philanthropists, Rusfond will allocate 30 458 568 rubles of donations for treatment of children with oncological diseases», — stated in the message Fund.

Less than six months Zhanna Friske did not — she died on 15 Jun 2015 at his home in the Moscow suburb of Balashikha. The singer was buried at the Moscow Nikolo-Archangel cemetery.

Family Friske all claims rejected. Vladimir Friske generally denied that the Foundation had approached him about this, and demanded proof.

«Let them prove that approached me. Let them show me the receipt if they sent some papers…» he said, stressing that all the money was disposed of Dmitry Shepelev.

As a result, even in a year Rusfond said that relatives Friske has not presented the documents confirming that the donations were spent to pay for medical services and filed in court.

Family matters

This is not the only trial associated with the family of Jeanne Friske. In the summer of last year Savelovsky court of Moscow considered the claim of the parents and sister of the singer Dmitry Shepelev about determination of order of communication with the child.

Since the case involved minors, the hearings were held behind closed doors, but in October it became known that the court partially upheld the claim and allowed the father and mother of Jeanne Friske to communicate with her grandson.

Then, in October, the Savyolovsky court handed down another decision, at the suit of the mother of the singer to the publication Life. Olga Kopylova required to recover from 21 million roubles for the publication, which she claims defamed her honor and dignity. The court the claim is fully dismissed.

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