Fcsd: liberal candidates in the Crimea no chance of success

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Representatives of liberal parties and candidates on a post of the President of the Russian Federation from them in the upcoming elections 2018 in Crimea have virtually no support, told RIA Novosti the head of the Crimean branch of the Foundation for civil society development (Fcsd) Natalia Kiseleva.

Electoral statistics and opinion polls over the last 10 years show that the «big four» parties in the state Duma represents the political preferences of more than 80-85% of the citizens of Russia, said earlier the head of Fargo Konstantin Kostin. All the rest of the party is divided between the right to represent 15-20% of the population.

«In the Crimea, partisan preferences repeat national trends. Moreover, all the results of the elections that have been held in the Crimea, talking about unconditional support of the parties pursuing the policy of the President. In this sense, the liberal parties and their presidential candidates in the upcoming 2018 election virtually no chance», — said Kiselyov.

Crimea fully integrated into the party system of Russia is proven by the results in the past two years the regional and Federal elections, said Kiselyov. The state Duma elections in 2016, the total electoral rating of «United Russia», LDPR, CPRF and «Fair Russia» in the Crimea exceeded 91%. In the elections of the state Council of the Republic in 2014, the Russian parliamentary party has accumulated nearly 85% of the vote of the Crimean electorate.


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