Forum of Russian speaking broadcasters discussed the role of radio in reconciliation with the West

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Russian-language broadcasting abroad, providing information about Russia firsthand, remains an important guarantor of the richness and originality of language. It is not only a civilizational «jewelry planet», but for some countries is the window «in the big world of information», but in the complicated world situation should play a special role in reconciling Russia with the West. Such opinion was expressed by the participants of the International forum of Russian-speaking broadcasters, held in Moscow on Friday.

The third annual international forum of Russian-speaking broadcasters under the title «Russian-language broadcasting in the context of increasing the role of information in the world» has passed on Friday in the International multimedia press center MIA «Russia today».

The forum is organized by the Russian Academy of Radio (RAR) supported by the Federal Agency for press and mass communications and with the assistance of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry. Objectives of the forum is to promote an objective image of Russia abroad, raising the level of literacy and Russian language proficiency in the foreign media, the promotion of Russian culture and Russian language. The forum aims to strengthen international cooperation among representatives of radio and telecourses broadcasting in Russian language in Russia, CIS and far abroad.

Participation the forum was attended Russian-language broadcasters operating in Russia and abroad in the field of radio and television, representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of communications and mass communications of the Russian specialized state and public structures.

Are Russian Russian with any passports

Opening the forum, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Radio (RAR), General Director of «GPM» Radio Yuri Kostin has reminded that «language is one of the main events in the life of civilization», it is very important to the identity, for preserving the unity of space, which is called «Russian world».

«Russian language is multifaceted, unique for its versatility, nuances, and, of course, when you hear native speech somewhere abroad, there is a feeling of belonging to something big,» he said.

Thus, in his opinion, for Russian who live abroad, former citizens of Russia, those who have dual citizenship or just already are citizens of other countries who have one thing in common «our people remain our in any situation and with any passports.»

«Moreover, people moving to live abroad, even if he had been an outspoken critic of the system and our eternal Russian problems, suddenly becomes a greater patriot than all of us here», — shared observations Costin.

Civilization decoration planet

Head of the Federal Agency for press and mass communications (Rospechat) Mikhail Seslavinsky in the welcome message to participants, read by his Deputy, noted that «in a multicultural world Russian-speaking community broadcasters is one of the guarantors for the preservation of wealth, purity and identity of the Russian language as the common cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia and the world.»

According to him, broadcasting in Russian abroad becomes a conductor alternative, firsthand information about Russia and their activities «contribute to the promotion of Russian culture and Russian language in the countries where strong historical ties with our country.»

General Director MIA «Russia today» Dmitry Kiselev, in turn, stressed that on the Russian radio, which has played a huge role in the history of Russia and of all humanity, entrusted with a «mission» that will carry.

«Radio in the Russian language should have a special responsibility because we are continuing the tradition of Russian culture, our literature, our language. And this literature is the ornament of world culture. I believe that radio in the Russian language, as Russia is a civilization of the ornament of the world», — he stressed.

Responsibility to the audience

The Director of the Department for state policy in mass media of the Ministry of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Ekaterina Larina in his speech urged all journalists in the coverage of world events very responsibly to the facts.

She told me that in his time graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow state University, where students «taught journalism at the Department of theory and practice throughout the Soviet press» and addressing to the participants of the forum noted that there is certainly at present a lot of those people who studied about the same universities and the same principles.

«Here then, as it approached the media to what is clearly communicated and was intended for propaganda, compared to what we see today from the Western colleagues, can not withstand even any competition. Because we are always taught to be very responsible to the fact, by the way, to twist. Yes, you can have different submit different facts, but the basis should be the fact. And those with a sense of respect for high professional standards, I’m sure, in the long term will benefit the audience, because people can’t see the difference between responsible and honest attitude to his audience and attempts very sloppy manipulation,» — said Larin.

Radio’s role in reconciliation with the West

Head of Department of digital diplomacy at the Department of information and press of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Nalobin in his speech talked about the fact that a number of foreign countries contains factory Internet trolls.

«There are so-called Troll factory, including on the budget of a number of foreign States which are engaged in social networks, the signals of the States concerned, including trying to get our reaction. So we see that we specifically call in advance by such offensive, rude remarks in comments. We look at who writes, I try to identify the person who wrote it, to understand — whether it is a Troll, or this is a serious, well-known in the country of stay figure, and consequently, if possible, to enter into discussions with the person and tell him more about our positions,» he said.

In the Federation Council, in turn, saw a huge role of Russian-speaking journalists in the reconciliation of Russia with the West.

«I am convinced that the conflict between Russia and a certain part of the world… to the West of Russia… it really comes down to a dispute about what should be managed peace: the power of law or law of force», — said the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev, adding that Russia calls for control of the world by force of law.

However, in the West conflict with Russia trying to pass off either for geopolitical or as a value that does not correspond to reality, he added.

«It is very important that this position of ours came to… those people who live in a world of unbiased, undistorted… Your work, of course, must serve to eventually overcome the existing disagreements between Russia and the outside world,» — said Kosachev.

A window to the information world

The Ambassador of Armenia in Russia Vartan Toganyan noted that he considers an important stabilizing factor in the presence of Russian media in the country, because it is «not only a civilizational phenomenon, a kind of culture that is presented to us, but a window in the big world of information».

«This is important because the positions of our countries on many international issues coincide. And we believe the presence of Russian media in the information space in Russian language and national language is very important stabilizing (factor ed). We believe that we will continue to develop cooperation with the Russian broadcaster,» said Toganyan.

He also said that Armenia is ready to host the next international forum of Russian-speaking broadcasters in Yerevan.

Leading radio Sputnik of Belarus Vyacheslav Sharapov, in turn, said that «the least problematic in terms of the perception of the Russian language» is the audience, «who remembers Soviet times and continued to consider themselves part of the Soviet community».

«These people are ready and looking for any type of integration due to life experience understanding the importance of proximity to Russia, and how the great civilizations and as a source of protection. They are usually well versed in the international situation, have their own ideological beliefs, do not shun religion and are of balanced views, they are people ideologically Mature,» he said, adding that it is one hundred percent Russian speakers and the ideas of integration and are today the main audience of Russian-language broadcasting abroad.

However, before the radio today is quite a difficult task — to attract the youth audience, which is mostly ideologically oriented to the West, much stronger than the older generation, said Sharapov.

In the arena of music

A number of experts expressed the view that broadcasters should look for various ways of conveying to the audience the position of Russia and values of Russian culture — not only through information, but through the musical content.

«We believe that in a period of such information and paramilitary actions in the arena can and should leave the theater, music, culture, which can have a very positive response to what this culture or theater talk,» said CEO and artistic Director of the Russian state musical TV and radio center Radio «Orpheus», the academician RAR Irina Gerasimova.

She urged her colleagues to look beyond, to search for content, which will increase the demand for the broadcasting station, and «it doesn’t always have to be just informational content.»

«It is common knowledge that music requires no translation and works at the level of the emotional impact and the Russian classical music in this sense, the region of positive brand perception. Glinka, and Tchaikovsky, and Prokofiev and Shostakovich and well-known contemporary Russian composers, for example, foremen (Opera «Rosenthal’s Children»), Raskatov (Opera «heart of a Dog») and Lubchenko (Opera «Doctor Zhivago») – all have a huge response from listeners abroad,» — said Gerasimov.

With this view agree Yuri Kostin, he noted that» fine-tuning system penetration of our culture can even be through music.»

The duty and purpose of the Russian radio broadcasting

Forum of Russian speaking broadcasters discussed the role of radio in reconciliation with the West© RIA Novosti / Alina to Strascinati in fotobanka of Armenia considers important the presence of Russian media in the country»Given the complexity of the world situation, our duty and our goal is to become a viable alternative to the unipolar information policy, using both human voices and rich Russian language to convey the objective and live view of the world, to allow the listener to make a choice and focus on information sources that complement the information field», — said Vyacheslav Sharapov.

The radio host said that today thanks to the Internet, the man himself creates this field, the task of broadcasters is to «become an integral part thereof, and may be a part of life for those taking Russian language and Russian civilization».

And Advisor to the General Director of UNESCO Henry yushkyavichus at the end of the forum reminded the audience of the basics of journalism: «get the facts, tell the truth, do not harm, and let me speak to another opinion.»


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