In St. Petersburg more than 110 cultural institutions are working in the «Night of museums»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in photosangelina Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Archival photoIn St. Petersburg more than 110 cultural institutions are working in the «Night of museums»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

More than 110 museums, galleries, libraries, concert halls and exhibition halls of St. Petersburg will take part in the action «Night of museums» this year.

Visitors will find exhibitions, performances, author tours and workshops where you can learn the secrets of creating artificial Islands and construction of FORTS, the construction of the Palace of the earth, to see the room where 100 years ago they held an illegal meeting of the VI Congress of the Bolshevik party.

New participants and new programs

The St. Petersburg «Night of museums» this year celebrates its tenth anniversary and will be dedicated to the Year of ecology in Russia. Museums will show their diverse collections and talk about the beauty and wonders of nature and about environmental problems and environmental protection.

This year the action was joined by 16 new members, including Museum-estate of Derzhavin, the Museum of underwater archaeology in the Kronstadt apartment Museum Nekrasov and others. The museums participating in the action, prepared this year a new program. In particular, in the house, Shalyapin Museum will show the exhibition «flora and fauna in the Russian theatre» at the Museum of Dostoevsky – project «Writing gardens».

In the Botanical gardens will speak about plants aggressors, epiphytes and rules phyto-design. The Anna Akhmatova Museum at the fountain house arrange in the garden Open Air «the Fifth element», and the Museum of the Petersburg avant-garde will hold a festival «Mnogokratnoe» consisting of performances of different genres from street theatre to modern performances.

The castle from the land and the secrets to building FORTS

From six in the evening until six in the morning, visitors will enjoy exhibitions, concerts, performances, author’s excursions, master classes, performances and historical reconstruction. For example, on excursions to the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic tell how he affected the Arctic people, the Museum complex «the universe of Water» has prepared a special program «Me, water and the environment», dedicated to the Year of ecology in Russia. In the Central Museum of communications named after Popov will be an exhibition «do Not switch! A second life to old TV!», there also will be a Tesla show, «the electromagnetic environment».

Russian Museum has prepared a special tour of the Summer garden with the story about how the garden has varied over the centuries. In the evening twilight to the sound of music will work here fountains. At the Priory Palace Museum-reserve «Gatchina» will be available, how easy is it to build a Palace out of the ground. On the tour through the halls of the Palace visitors will tell you how built eco-friendly rammed-earth construction, it is possible to look into the plans and projects of the architect and Creator of the Priory of Nicholas city, and in the end own hands to make earthen bricks. Museum-reserve «Tsarskoye Selo» for the first time will usher in the «Night of museums» greenhouse complex «Top greenhouses». Visitors will visit the greenhouses and see what flowers will be planted in the Catherine Park in the new summer season.

The secrets of creating artificial Islands and construction of the FORTS can be found in the Museum of history of Kronstadt. Visitors will also learn about the lost wooden Kronstadt and understand how the impact on the ecosystem of the island, the construction of the dam. In the Museum of defense and siege of Leningrad tour guides will tell you how the citizens eliminated the environmental consequences of war, broke memorial parks, cleared land and the sea.

Aastralink and the game is in Russian croquet

In the oldest film Studio of the country «Lenfilm» — you can learn about the filming of movies about the revolution and the Civil war. Here, numerous materials at these pictures: props, costumes, archival documents, posters and photos of their «Lenfilm» and show in «Night of museums». It looked like the housing worker in the early twentieth century, will be shown in the Museum «Narvskaya Zastava». Here it is possible also to present themselves as clients for the sale of sewing machines of the Austrian merchant Ludwig Hecht and experience a real «Tea» with a samovar and gramophone, to see the room where 100 years ago they held an illegal meeting of the VI Congress of the Bolshevik party.

In the Leningrad zoo from 18 to 23 hours visitors will be able to know what is the nest, what obstacles they have to overcome the salmon on the way from the sea to the river, and who is muskrat. Zoo visitors will be able to go on routes «Rare animals of the world», «Ecostrategy» and «Forest trail». In the Museum of hygiene will show you how to avoid the negative effects of radiation, sunburn, learn how to escape from the city noise in the «pause of silence» and choose healing for the body and soul of the music, and explain why it is important, what made the clothes.

In the Museum-estate of Ilya Repin «Penates» will be organized excursions, where you can get acquainted with the history of Russian vegetarianism, look at the «cookbook» Repin’s wife Natalia Nordman. In the summer workshop will host an exhibition of landscapes, animalistic and photographs Repin and Nordman, and the fresh air will be held in Russian croquet.

In the evening from 18.00 to 23.00 will take part 62 of the Museum. All who are ready for a long night walk in St. Petersburg, I invite the 47 museums, working until six in the morning. From 23.00 between museums night program will run buses. Metro will work around the clock.