In the Museum-reserve in Chekhov will open the festival «Melikhovskaya Vesna»

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova in photobacteria curtain. Archival photoIn the Museum-reserve in Chekhov will open the festival «Melikhovskaya Vesna»© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

International theater festival «Melikhovskaya Vesna» will open Saturday in the Museum-reserve of A. P. Chekhov «Melikhovo», reported the press service of the Museum.

«In the estate of the writer will unfold the real circus with dance, circus and Gypsy songs (in the scenario of the opening went to the story of A. P. Chekhov «the Fair»)», — stated in the message.

Bright action will change the events of the action «night at the Museum», which has become traditional and for the Chekhov estate. The guests of the evening waiting for a visit of Museum exhibitions, the opening of the exhibition devoted to the performances, different years, open-air screening of the feature film «Joker» stories by Antosha Chekhonte, theatrical performances from the theater «Chekhov Studio» Museum-reserve «Melikhovo», concerts by the ensemble «Melodeon» and jazz band «Doctor Chekhov».

This year the festival «Melikhovskaya Vesna» will be shown 14 performances – from chamber performances to large-scale theatrical productions. The international part of the festival program includes performances from Germany, Bulgaria, France, Greece, in addition to their playbill includes performances from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Great Novgorod, Lipetsk, Krasnodar. The festival will also be academic musical-dramatic theater of Donetsk.

The poster of the festival, like last year, will complement the program «the guest of A. P. Chekhov». Performances of this program are not dramatizations of Chekhov’s works, but in them, or the fate of their authors traced interesting connections with the work of Anton Chekhov. In 2017 the special program is called «the fat was the guest of A. P. Chekhov». Within her Moscow drama theater on Malaya Bronnaya will present the play «Princess Mary», and the Lipetsk state academic drama theatre. L. N. Tolstoy will show the play «the Death of Ivan Ilyich.»

During the festival 2017 will also host a series of special events, including traditional Melikhovskaya tea party may 24, day of memory of the Director Oleg Yefremov.

Festival «Melikhovo spring» will last till may 27. The productions will be shown in several locations Chekhov estate «Melikhovo» and on stage Serpukhov music and drama theatre.


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