In Venezuela, for the seventh time extended the circulation of banknotes in 100 bolívares

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Zamaskirovalis bolivars. Archival photoIn Venezuela, for the seventh time extended the circulation of banknotes in 100 bolívares© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Znamenskiy

Walking seizures since December of last year from the banknote 100 bolivars once, seven times renewed in Venezuela.

«President Nicolas Maduro has decided to extend the turnover of 100 bolivars as legal tender until July 20, 2017,» wrote on Friday night in his microblog on Twitter Vice-President Tarek al-Aissami. This time, the circulation of 100 bolívares extended for two months, although previously this measure was taken each time for a period of one month.

In mid-December 2016, Maduro announced the termination of treatment within 72 hours 100 bill bolivars, the value of which on the «black market» was then equal to just about 2.5 cents. But then, the circulation of banknotes was extended until January 2, then to 20 Jan, 20 Feb, 20 March, 20 April and 20 may.

Central Bank of Venezuela began to introduce six new bills in denominations of from 500 to 20 thousand bolivars. The decision to withdraw banknotes in 100 bolívares was motivated by the authorities ‘ opposition to the international financial mafia, which, according to the Minister of internal Affairs of Venezuela, néstor Riveros, by order of the United States Venezuelan deduced money from the country.

Venezuelan authorities refuse to recognize the objective depreciation of the national currency, accusing it of right-wing forces allegedly attacking her with «metabolic mafia» at the behest of Washington and Miami.