Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs

© Photo : NVOВсероссийский Museum of decorative-applied and folk art. Archive photoNight of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© Photo : NVO

The residents of Russian regions in the «Night of museums» will take part in the Azov campaign of Peter I, know, where Kolchak’s gold will visit the «Lenin room» and see the catwalk Vyatka dinosaurs.

Far East: gold and Kolchaka tour of the attic

One of the oldest museums in the far East – the Khabarovsk regional Museum named after Grodekov — midnight offers its guests to know where did the gold of Kolchak and whether Kerensky, dressed in female dress to escape from Petrograd after the 1917 revolution. In the Museum of history of Khabarovsk on may 19, will host the «night at the Museum» based on the works of Mikhail Bulgakov «Master and Margarita». The Museum promised «the magic session», live music, a demonstration of weapons of world war II, and master classes.

In Vladivostok, the only preserved in Russia, the house where lived and worked the writer, scientist and Explorer of the Far East Vladimir Arsenyev, the author of the novel «Dersu Uzala», will hold an exhibition and lecture about it, shows the 1928 film about the life of the Udege.

In Blagoveshchensk will open a new exhibition «Lenin’s room», which will present the autobiographies, questionnaires, and other original documents of participants of revolutionary events and the civil war in the Amur region. Also host thematic quest «White and red», you can see the exhibition «a visit To the Annunciation of fire chief» and to visit the attic of the Museum, a building which was built in 1894 -1911 year, military engineer Eduard Schaefer.

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the regional Museum will hold an excursion «Sakhalin dinosaur: the homecoming» on recently delivered from Japan replica of the skeleton of Nipponosaurus sachalinensis is only found on Sakhalin dinosaur.

Siberia: the mint and the birthplace of dinosaurs

In Novosibirsk for all comers will be organized a free Hiking tour of St. Michael’s waterfront. In the evening the span of the first bridge across the Ob will turn into a screen of 100 square meters. On it Novosibirsk will see the unique newsreels of life in the city.

In Barnaul the visitors «Museum night» will offer a tasting of Altai pythonpython: salves, bath teas with lime, strawberries, raspberries, currants. The Museum of beekeeping will tell you all about the lives of these beneficial insects and will hold a master class for the pumping of honey.

In Irkutsk regional art Museum will host a demonstration of collections of clothes and jewelry from natural materials from the Irkutsk designers. Museum of Decembrists will remember Soviet times: there will be a dance floor, a concert of vocal and instrumental ensemble and a master class on dance, popular in the middle of the last century.

Museum-estate of V. I. Surikov in Krasnoyarsk will show visitors the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Guests of the estate will help to read the city anew and to understand how nature inspires artists.

In the Department of the Kemerovo regional Museum of local lore you can try on clothes of the last century. The nature section you can go into the present expedition. You can participate in quest, the winners of which will be given free vouchers for Kuzbass «home» dinosaur in the village of Shestakovo.

Center: night at the cemetery and the world of touch

In Tula in «Night of museums» will open season, night tours, one of the oldest in Russia, cemeteries – all Saints, where preserved tombs, chapels, crosses, performed in styles from Baroque to modern.

In the Yaroslavl Museum-preserve offers a master-class «Heart gift» intellectual game «sense and sensibility», poetic duels, the exhibition «the Secret language of love.» One of the most interesting will be the site of the «World of touch», move to where you have blindfolded. The visitors will try to identify objects by feel, guess the smell, and in addition, they will be asked to draw a love message.

In the Lipetsk Museum of folk and decorative arts, visitors will see models of ships and Peter vozdeistvuya plants will be able to take part in the Azov campaign at the interactive gaming table, to plunge into the atmosphere of the resort Lipetsk nineteenth century, to wear a yoke and to know how water gets to people’s homes.

Bryansk memorial complex «Partizanskaya Polyana» organizing «partisan fire» at a halt, the bright lights, visitors will learn about the history of the partisan movement.

In the Belgorod region Museum «Third battlefield of Russia» will invite guests to attend a festive program of «Retro spring», dedicated to the sixtieth years of the Soviet era. Pregasina area will be decorated in the style of Soviet urban Park, which will host fashion shows, organized various competitions and traditional Park entertainment by brass band music.

In the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve, among other expositions will be presented «Superweapon of the Stone age», where visitors will see the first weapons made of mammoth Tusk.

Ural: Lenin’s speech and health formula

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathcombine Russians a few years was not in the Museum, showed oprosu Sverdlovsk regional local lore Museum for guests will be organized tours opened yesterday the exhibition «Ural. Revolution. Of destiny». Visitors will be able to make an impassioned speech on behalf of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, or come up with a propaganda poster.

Kurgan regional Museum invites visitors to be poisoned for a walk in the forest at night and take a trip to the stone age. There will also be an interactive program for the jubilee year of 1917 «Grozny 1917».

Museum of Geology, oil and gas in Khanty-Mansiysk has promised a day of action to solve the mystery «Formula of health», which helped the famous geologists, oil workers, pioneers to overcome the difficulties in the way of development in Western Siberia.

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in fotobanka the Moscow Kremlin for the first time participate in the action «night at the Museum»district Museum and exhibition center, Salekhard (YNAD) will open four new exhibitions. Among them — updated the exhibition «Time of the mammoth,» which after preexposure another representative of the ice age — a mammoth Masha, whose age burial is estimated by archaeologists in 40 thousand years. The beginning of the XX century in the far North will recreate an interactive platform «Red tent» is a space decorated in accordance with the equipment of the Soviet nomadic cultural and educational center. Will complement the atmosphere of the repository, which will present a mini-exhibition «Yamal LENINIANA» tour «Romance of the Soviet myth» — non-standard reading of the famous and beloved painting «Lenin on the Yamal Peninsula».

The Caucasus: the mysterious abduction and the Lieutenant Lermontov

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobanka is for wimps! «Night at the Museum» is waiting for Muscovites on the tour and questys Ingushetia, the event will be held at three venues: in the Ingush state Museum of study of local lore named Mal’sagov, the Memorial complex to the victims of repression and the State Museum of fine arts. Participants will be given free tours of the halls, master-classes on clay art, beading, topiary, embroidery ribbons and other types of decorative art, photo exhibitions, a demonstration of historical films, exhibitions numismatics and presentation of the dishes Ingush dishes.

In Dagestan for the first time will be a historical quest called «a Mysterious kidnapping in the Khan’s court». In the historical Museum, which is located in Khunzakh, will be played on a real scenario of the historical events that took place in the XIX century.

In Pyatigorsk Museum visitors Lermontov waiting for a literary-musical composition, modern poetry, performed by the authors, classical and modern music, interactive program for children and adults «In the house of Lieutenant Lermontov.»

The National Museum of North Ossetia will visit the exhibition «History distortion» and take part in trips to our training base-the greenhouse.

North-West: house Babysitting and night Izborsk

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaursBirthday gallery: design and gift gallery virtual securitybugs «Night of museums» this year marks the 10-year anniversary. Evening and night in the Northern capital will open more than 110 museums, galleries, libraries, concert halls and exhibition halls. Museum-reserve «Tsarskoye Selo» for the first time will usher in the «Night of museums» greenhouse complex «Top greenhouses». Russian Museum has prepared a special tour of the Summer garden with the story about how the garden has varied over the centuries. In the Museum of defense and siege of Leningrad tour guides will tell you how the citizens eliminated the environmental consequences of war, broke memorial parks, cleared land and the sea.

Museum-reserve «Staraya Ladoga» in the Volkhovsky district of the Leningrad region will offer guests to take part in the quest «Secrets of the Ladoga fortress.» Guests of the Museum-reserve will have the opportunity to visit out of reach at the usual time. Visitors to the Museum «stationmaster House» in the village of Vyra, Gatchina district will be able to visit the postal station of XIX century. They can immerse themselves in the era of horse-drawn, environmentally friendly transport and learn about the ways and peculiarities of traveling with horses, coachmen and coachmen, learn how to determine the color of the horse. The Museum «House of A. S. Pushkin’s nanny» in the Gatchina district you can learn about the life of the serfs, has also been planned «Sit around, Yes, talk debugging», including folk riddles about everyday objects, manufacturing of talisman.

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotopangast sentries in the framework of the «Night of museums» on may 21 you will see bezpecnostny Museum-reserve «Izborsk» in the Pskov region will hold a tour of the night Izborsk. The memorial Museum-estate of Mussorgsky (a branch of the Pskov Museum-reserve) will show the dramatized representation «Podruzhenki» with the reconstruction of the merchant life, and at the Museum of Rimsky-Korsakov’s scheduled execution of scenes from the composer’s operas.

In the Novgorod children’s Museum center will work «the Republic SHKID», which will host free lessons, master classes and performances. In the Museum of fine arts will take place action «Futurists in Nobility» where he will speak, including students of the College of arts named after Rachmaninov.

In the Murmansk art Museum visitors will take part in solemn opening of the exhibition «Tree of life». In addition, the Museum will open the exhibition «Your health in your hands», dedicated to the Year of ecology in Russia. The opening ceremony of the campaign in the Murmansk regional Museum will be held with the participation of the orchestra of the Headquarters of the Northern fleet and pupils of Children’s drama school of Murmansk city. This evening the visitors will get acquainted with the public and departmental museums of Murmansk, will take part in the «I – guide», extinguishing the Museum stamp, the intellectual game «60 seconds» and will test your knowledge in local history dictation. Visitors to the Museum will also create a wall newspaper «lightning Museum» and visit the exhibition «Revolutionary 1917. The documents show» from the Moscow Museum of contemporary history of Russia.

Privolzh: show Energomera and the birthplace of Lenin

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in PhotoBank «Road Palace» and the manor Block will take action «Night of museums»the Nizhny Novgorod state art Museum sightseeing will be devoted to the Volga landscapes and Park culture. Will be organized master-classes in historical dance, young visitors will be able to draw on the pavement in front of the Museum, and at the end of the «Night» will demonstrate sand show on the wall Sirotcinec.

In the Volga-Vyatka branch of the NCCA, located on the territory of Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, in the Arsenal building, the audience will watch a marathon of pictorial tours from street art artists, music, outdoors, art workshops, and lectures.

The Kirov Museum of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, aviation and Astronautics will offer visitors a new exhibit, «On the aerospace industry», Vyatka paleontological Museum – catwalk Vyatka dinosaurs, science shows and dance programs. The Museum of energy of everyone waiting for «the Show energoygol», electroextraction, themed cinema, competitions, the opportunity to make unique and safe selfie at the pillar of power in branded overalls.

In Ufa the action «Night of museums» will start traditionally at the postal Museum, which is located on the «zero kilometer» of the city.

In the Ufa airport the aviation enthusiasts will be able to see the famous plane-simulator Tu-154B-2, which from 1983 to 1997 belonged to the Russian air force. Guests can climb aboard and even sit in the cockpit at the helm.

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase fotobank in Moscow was opened after restoration the House-Museum Svetovolokna of the main themes of the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin in Ulyanovsk region will be the centenary of the October revolution. In the program for pupils of the house-Museum of Lenin and the lectures about famous patrons and about the life and the life of the Ulyanov family, mobile games of the XIX century called «Playing with Mother». The apartment-Museum of Lenin will be a tour of «Unknown pages of the life of the Ulyanov family in Simbirsk». At the Museum «Secret apartment of Simbirsk group RSDRP» will hold the quest for children «the mystery of the old letters». Participants will have to find in the Museum of the caches in which the Simbirsk revolutionaries hid the weapon, leaflets and illegal literature.

The Museum «Samara Space» guests will show the rocket engines, spacecraft and satellites. Also guides will tell the samarians about the life of astronauts on the space station.

The Museum of the history of the savings business visitors will learn about the unique specialists of the printing factory «Goznak», who developed the sketches engraved printing form of the design elements of the Soviet and foreign money, securities, postage stamps and postcards.

South: midnight and Paris and Mosin rifle

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© RIA Novosti / Ruslan to Krivobokova in photobacteria, or submarine permafrost: choose the best Museum Rossiikasperskiy regional Museum in honor of the international event will arrange a special cancellation of a block of four stamps dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the 1917 revolution.

On the square in front of the Museum-reserve «battle of Stalingrad» anyone with the help of experienced instructors will be able to master the techniques of handling of the whip and Cossack saber. In addition, there will be workshops on disassembly and Assembly layouts of small arms and production of folk toys, the doors will be opened a thematic photo Studio car and caboose.

The Rostov region will also join the «Museum night». Rostov Museum of fine arts staged «Midnight in Paris in the style of «avant-garde». Citizens will be able to take part in a walking tour through the Central streets of the don capital, and also view a fashion show of historic costumes. Aksay military history Museum organizes the «Journey to the past». And Volgodonsk ecological-historical Museum will tell you about the customs and the environmental traditions of the don Cossacks.

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© Official website of the Moscow Mayor in the Moscow Museum-estate «Lyublino» concert «In a world of fantasy»In the Kuban Museum Night will be dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the founding of Krasnodar region. In Krasnodar, will be exhibited the mobile exhibition devoted to the main events of the history of the region.

The Astrakhan regional Museum will operate the «Underground press», «Headquarters of the revolution», it will be possible to disassemble and reassemble the Mosin rifle. Want to «dedicate» to the pioneers. The Central event in the Astrakhan Kremlin will be themed excursion to places of military glory.

Crimea: the treasure in the Palace and the revolution Museum

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in fotobanka of the Moscow Kremlin are planning exhibitions in China and Yaponiyada-reserve «Chersonese» prepared light-a theatrical tour through the ancient city. In the Livadia Palace tells about the life of the Royal family of Nicholas II, and younger visitors can arrange a historical quest with the search for the treasure of the Romanovs, the Royal dynasty left a hundred ago.

Concert with musical masterpieces by Vivaldi, Mozart, Verdi, as well as excursions planned Bakhchisaray Museum-reserve. Will decorate the concert speech by Spanish conductor jesús Navara.

Guests of the East Crimean historical and cultural Museum-reserve promise to lead to a platform at a monument to paratroopers, towering over a moat from the sea, overlooking the panorama of the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait.

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in photobacteria archaeological Museum in the Kremlin will usher in codecentral Museum of Tauris prepared a «relationship Manifesto», designed to study modern society United by the social networks and divided in reality.

Night of museums in Crimea also will attend the event, committed a hundred years ago a true revolution in art. Then in new York, the artist Marcel Duchamp first introduced his famous «Fountain». In honor of this event, young Crimean artists organize their small revolution: the viewer will see contemporary theatre and dance performance, objects, installations and performance.

Kaliningrad: a night at the zoo and velokvest

Night of museums: the Gold of Kolchak, the guerrilla dugout and the birthplace of dinosaurs© RIA Novosti / Anzhela Babenkov Hermitage in June will put a unique exhibition of the Egyptian Museum Torinodanza «Museum night» according to tradition, will last for two on the night of 20 may it will be held in Kaliningrad, and on the night of may 21 — municipalities in the region. This year’s night of museums will unite the 28 platforms and three sub-project: «national tour guide», excursions by boat and velokvest. Between the museums, which belong to the route a single ticket, this year seven, will run free buses. Outside the bus route in Kaliningrad, two new point — the Museum of entertaining science of Einstein and the Museum site of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the region. Kaliningrad zoo has decided to join the action on the night of 21 may.


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