None of us are invincible: for the first time Russia will try to beat Canada at Snake

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in fotobanka the national team of Russia Ivan Telegin in group stage match of the world hockey championship in 2017. Archival photoNone of us are invincible: for the first time Russia will try to beat Canada at Snake© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

Team Russia Saturday will hold in Cologne semifinal match of the world hockey championship against team Canada, winners of the last two world Championships. Match in «LANXESS Arena» will start at 16.15 GMT. The Russians beat the Canadians in the official matches from the 2011 world Championships, when the team Vyacheslav Bykov in the quarterfinals defeated the founders of hockey with the score 2:1.

Return home

On Thursday, the Russian team with the score 3:0 beat in Paris in the quarterfinal match against the Czech Republic, and on Friday afternoon return to Cologne. A trip to the capital of France will be remembered first and foremost not so much a result – the Czechs didn’t show anything special – how difficulties faced by the team on the way to Paris. Due to technical problems, the Russians almost three hours waited for the departure of train at Cologne station.

«All these difficulties that the team overcame, definitely rallied the team, made it stronger. This is very important from the point of view of future games», — said the Agency «R-Sport» the first Vice-President of Federation of hockey of Russia Roman Rotenberg.

«There is a feeling that the Paris quarter-finals returned home, still come, and there all things are laid out. And the locker room is now in Cologne received that the whole tournament was the Germany national team, there very comfortable,» said the coach of Russia Harijs Vitolins.

Interestingly, seven years ago, on may 20, 2010, the Russian team beat the Canadians at «LANXESS Arena» in the world Cup quarter-finals (5:2).

Canada: as part of the stars of the NHL…

«Everyone knows who the Canadians main. The guys from Philadelphia, and Scifli O Reilly rolling constantly. I think we can make it work defensively and will be a success, — said the forward of the national team of Russia Yevgeny Kuznetsov. — Am I ready for a tough game? Well, I CTZ that to intimidate me somehow? I would not say that they have there names some. The guys are all playing, and skate well, and in the body play can. Especially on a large site is not easy to catch anyone.»

Kuznetsov during the quarterfinal game against the Czech Republic in connection with an injury Vladislav Namestnikov — was transferred to the center of the trio of Nikita Kucherov and Artemiy Panarin. According to the trainer of Russian national team of Harijs vitolinsh, regardless of, will play with the Canadians Governors, that Kuznetsov will play in the top three and Kucerova and Panarin.

…And Chris Lee

Special attention of Russian journalists and fans in team Canada attracts 36-year-old defender Chris Lee, the last four seasons who played in Magnitogorsk «Metallurgist». For only the second time in the history of the team Canada at the world championship included a player from the KHL – the first was defenseman Joel Kwiatkowski, who played five matches at the world championship 2009 after a season in Cherepovets «Severstal».

«Of course, partners ask me about the Russian players from the KHL, I try to help all I can. We need to be prepared for the fact that Russian players have an outstanding level of individual skill and can play, that is, in the style of «sword unsheathed,» said Chris Lee. — I’d like to tell you how to stop Vadim Shipachev, but you remember that in the last finals I failed. This is definitely the best playmaker in the NHL, in one of the best playmakers in modern hockey.»

Time for a new story

Team Russia takes the first place in the tournament for the implementation of the majority, the percentage reflected by the goalkeeper throws the third place on the game in the minority. Canadians take second place in each of the listed statistical categories.

«It’s obvious to me that the key to victory will be the game STARBRIGHT, both teams occupy first place on the power play at this world Cup, both teams come in the top three on the game in the minority. Let’s see what happens. Of course, it will be interesting to play against Andrei Vasilevskiy, Nikita Kucherov, Vladislav Namestnikov. I would be glad if Kucherov and Namestnikov will score, but only in the case of our victory. It will be the perfect option,» said John Cooper, the head coach of the Canadians and the NHL club «Tampa», where they play three Russians.

The Russian national team under the direction of Oleg Znarka has never beaten team Canada. With 2014, when the coach led the national team, the Russians played three games with the Canucks, losing in the finals of the world Cup 2015 (1:6), the semi-finals of the world Cup 2016 (3:5) and a test game before the world Cup (2:3). «Nothing in me is not sitting due to the fact that you never played, I’m not a boy, 18-year-old to be afraid of meeting them,» said Znarok on the eve of the semifinals.

«Yes, our headquarters has never beaten the Canadians, but always have a new story to begin. It’s time for us to start it, to beat the Canadians is a great honour,» said Vitolins.

President FHR Vladislav Tretiak is convinced that the Russian team will be able to reverse the tradition in recent years. «I looked Canadians yesterday. This is a good team, but to play with it. We also have a very good team. Always this match is called a hidden ending, because it causes rapid interest. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Yes, we lost to the Canadians in recent times. But undefeated teams in hockey does not happen. Even the «Red car» many times and lost, although many don’t remember about it,» — said Tretiak.