Russian Church welcomes the relics of Saint Nicholas: how will it be

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The greatest relics of the Christian Saint – Saint Nicholas – for all the 930 years of their stay in the Italian Bari never left the city. On Sunday evening, may 21, part of the relics of the Saint for the first time a special flight will be delivered to Russia, where they will stay until July 28. Read more about how it will be — in the material RIA Novosti.

A truly unique event

St. Nicholas of Myra lived in the fourth century in Asia Minor (now territory of Turkey), was a priest and then Archbishop of Myra city of Lycia. The tradition of the Church bears witness to the numerous miracles performed by the Saint, and his extraordinary mercy. In Russia St. Nicholas has long been especially revered; the numerous churches, chapels and monasteries were dedicated to this Saint, many parents named their children in his honor.

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill in a special address to the faithful, called bringing in the Russian Orthodox Church the relics of St. Nicholas «truly unique event», urging believers to be «imitators of the virtues of the Saint of Myra».

«Mindfulness about these good deeds of St. Nicholas encourages thousands of people to take trip to his relics in order to honor the memory of the Saint and to offer a warm and fervent prayers of those whom the Orthodox Church calls «the rule of faith and image of meekness». However, not every our compatriot has the opportunity to make such a pilgrimage, so in Russia brought a significant portion of the myrrh-streaming relics of St.», — reads the statement of the Patriarch.

As expected, of the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker will cause the same outcry among the faithful, and bringing in 2011 from mount Athos to Russia belt of the Holy virgin. Then this Shrine, it is estimated that bowed more than 3 million pilgrims, and the waiting time in the queue to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior reached 26 hours.

An unprecedented event in Church history will mark 21 may, at 18.00 Moscow time, chimes. It starts with the main belfry of Russia — Ivan the Great bell tower in the Kremlin, and then will be immediately picked up by the belfries of all the churches of the capital.

Delivery of the relics of the Saint

The relics of Saint Nicholas will bring to Moscow the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, the mayor of Bari Antonio Dekaro and the Governor of the province of Puglia, Michele emiliano. Along with them will be several representatives of the Roman Catholic Church, including the rector of the Basilica, father Ciro Capotosto. It was during last year’s meeting in Havana between Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis, an agreement was reached about the relic’s arrival in Russia.

«The delegation will arrive from Bari with a special ark, which was made by our goldsmiths and craftsmen at the factory in Sofrino. Its total weight is just over 40 pounds. This ark will be embedded in the part of the relics of St. Nicholas — edge of the left», — told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, priest Alexander Volkov.

The relic will be brought to the temple of Christ the Savior to the beginning of the festive Vespers on the eve of day of memory of St. Nicholas. Vigil and meeting of the relics in the main Cathedral of the capital will be headed by the Patriarch himself.

According to the organizers, from 21 may to 12 July, the Shrine will stay in Moscow, and from 13 to 28 July in St. Petersburg. Monday, may 22, the access of pilgrims to the relics in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior will be organized from 14.00 to 21.00. In the following days, the faithful can venerate the relic 12 hours a day: from 8.00 to 21.00. All this time the temple will be held prayer services to the Holy. Also every day there will be a press center.

The exact place of stay of the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the Northern capital been declared after the delivery of the relics to Russia. However, now in the Patriarchate and St. Petersburg metropolis as the most likely location of the Shrine is called the Alexander Nevsky monastery, specifically the Trinity Cathedral of the Lavra. Such a choice is connected with «necessity of taking a large number of pilgrims, as well as the fact that Alexander Nevsky Lavra such experience already is».

Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church will work closely with the local authorities. So, in Moscow to coordinate the activities of the city set up operational headquarters, headed by Deputy mayor Alexander Gorbenko.

Turn to the Crimean bridge

The city authorities have assured that the city is ready to accept any number of pilgrims, and predict that the queue to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour will stretch for about two kilometres before the Crimean bridge. Therefore, pilgrims wishing to venerate the relics of Saint Nicholas will have to reach at metro station «culture Park» (ring or radial). Then you walk to the Prechistenskaya embankment (near Krymsky bridge) where you can get in line.

In the case of a large number of applicants the place will be extended along the embankment towards the Luzhniki stadium — then will have to go to the «Frunzenskaya» or even «Sparrow hills», about which the organizers will inform online. Information about the actual queue length can be monitored on the official website of the translation of the relics of and on the pages in social networks «Vkontakte» and Facebook.

To regulate the human traffic on the route from the «Park of culture» to the temple will consist of three crossing points. Not to interfere with the worship of the sanctuary, the city moved all renovations from Prechistenskaya embankment and Kremlin.

The city headquarters warned that to get in line, you need to 17.00 in order to have time to go to the Shrine before the closing of the temple. The faithful are also asked to refrain from visiting the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on the first day, so as not to create a difficult situation due to the expected large influx of people.

«It is recommended to arrive in Moscow on railway transport (in conjunction with the ongoing road repair work and complicated traffic situation in the city center). The believers who will go to Moscow on buses as part of organized pilgrim groups, please let your diocesan office and get there information about the Parking location of the buses on the territory of Moscow», — noted the organizers.

To avoid a large number of people, regions where organized groups of pilgrims will arrive in Moscow and then in St. Petersburg, «will be painted by day». Moreover, the organizing Committee has received applications not only from different regions of Russia, but also from neighboring countries.

For all people

The route of access to the Shrine for the convenience of pilgrims will be posted at least 11 points the rest and feeding centres. The food, as assured the Deputy head of the Department of national policy and interregional relations Konstantin Blazhenov, «is for people at affordable prices.» For heating of believers will also be «gateways» with buses is the weather, especially in the early hours and in the evening, promise cool. Authorities were careful, of course, about the toilets.

«Given the summer and a long-term stay in the queue, it is recommended to take a supply of water in a plastic bottle (in plastic bottles of 0.5 l.); to dress for the weather (including forecasts of weather services); to be in the headdress; if you have a medical condition is to take medications that you take regularly», — is reported on the website of the bringing of the Shrine to Russia.

Russian Church welcomes the relics of Saint Nicholas: how will it be© RIA Novosti / Max Petropalace in fotoboeken established in the Crimea, the Day of Nicholas Codecforcontent order and security in the area of the temple of Christ the Savior will provide more than 2 thousand law enforcement officers, and for the well-being of pilgrims will follow the ambulance. In the queue to the relics will be on duty and the priests of the Moscow diocese. All of them will help volunteers.

According to the head of the youth Department of the diocese of Moscow Mikhail Kuksov, in organizing the visit of the relics will take part not less than 10 thousand volunteers. Volunteers will work in two shifts to regulate the flow of pilgrims and to help in the temple. Each shift will be at least two hundred people. In the youth Department invite to participate everyone young people.

It was also announced that funding for the delivery to Russia of the relics of St. Nicholas, and then sending them back took over the Russian company PhosAgro, which regularly pays and charters for Russian pilgrims to the relics of the Saint to two times per year from Russia to Bari and back. In addition, the Moscow government is allocating an additional 3 million rubles for the organization of bringing of the relics to the capital.

No special permit

Russian Church welcomes the relics of Saint Nicholas: how will it be© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in fotobank Russia and Belarus 300 thousands of people venerated the relics of Saint Silouan Avoncolorguard pay particular attention to the fact that no «VIP passes» to enter the Cathedral of Christ the Savior — separately or in organized groups — will not. Such things are basically pointless in itself worship.

«We do not assume any special, separate passes… neither diocesan representatives nor representatives of other local churches, nor to the heterodox for anyone. The only group of citizens that relevant structures in the government of Moscow will provide more than easy passage, it’s disabled people,» says the priest Alexander Volkov.

Namely, it is «disability of the musculoskeletal system with one accompanying and infants with one accompanying». Everyone else will stand in the General queue.

«The point is, — says press Secretary of the Patriarch — that the person did some, or at least a short pilgrimage to the Shrine spent at least some time, physical strength, and would apply some effort in order to worship the Holy God-pleaser. Otherwise, the worship will not make any sense. How to store: come, get something for some money and went back. This is not the store and the Church.»