Russian cosmonauts will replace the antenna when ISS

© Photo : Shane Kimbrough/NASAВид to Earth from the International space station. Archive photoRussian cosmonauts will replace the antenna when ISS© Photo : Shane Kimbrough/NASA

Cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy will replace the unit highly directional antenna communication system of the ISS Russian segment during one of the next EVAs, told RIA Novosti on Friday in the cosmonaut training Center (CTC) named after Gagarin.

«Sergei Ryazansky worked on the simulator «Exit-2″ all the necessary tasks for the replacement unit for highly directional antenna. It is planned that all the EVAs will be dedicated to this operation,» — said the representative of the CPC.

He noted that the yield will last about six hours. Only Sergey Ryazanskiy participated in three similar exercises.

«These targets are processed in the simulator «Exit-2″ for the first time,» — said the chief specialist of Department on preparation for extravehicular activity (EVA) CTC Nadir Zhamaletdinov.

The cosmonaut himself called out «men», pointing out that he will have to work with a large number of connecting elements that were not initially designed to work in open space.

«One of the objectives of training is to select the right tool that you’ll be working in the open space. Since operation unique, the unusual tools are required,» — said the astronaut.

According to the chief instructor of the Department of preparation for EVA Valery Nesmeyanov, technology of mining output was developed PDCs in conjunction with Rocket and space Corporation (RKK) «Energy».

The CPC also noted that «a week earlier, a similar training was held cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin.

Rod with a high gain antenna on-Board radio system «Lyra», located on the rear frame of the instrument compartment of the Zvezda module of the ISS Russian segment. Lyra uses to communicate the ISS with the Earth relay satellites «Luch».