Scientists have found new details of the appearance of life on Earth

© Fotolia / Photokanok_1984МикроскопScientists have found new details of the appearance of life on Earth© Fotolia / Photokanok_1984

A group of researchers from University College London has uncovered the mechanism by which any individual elements of RNA, the ribonucleotides. This process was necessary for the origin of RNA – the forerunner of life on Earth. Press release of the study available on the website

Nucleotides are molecules, divided into two classes: purines and pyrimidines. It was believed that they could not have formed together due to the fact that the conditions of their synthesis are incompatible. However, a new study has shown that they can be formed together. We are talking about are purine molecules of 8-oxo-adenosine, 8-oxo-inosine. Scientists have established the possibility of their formation in the same environment, and pyrimidines.

Now the researchers intend to find out whether a chain of 8-oxo-purines encode the protein sequence that will confirm their possible involvement in the formation of RNA world.

RNA world hypothetical stage in the origin of life, in which the storage of genetic information implemented ensembles ribonucleic acids. Further on the basis of the RNA world appeared DNA and proteins, RNA has become a mediation function.



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