Shepelev appeal the court’s decision on the claim Rusfond about money for treatment Friske

© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Chesnokova in photosangelina Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev at the opening ceremony of the 34th Moscow International film festival. Archival photoShepelev appeal the court’s decision on the claim Rusfond about money for treatment Friske© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Tecnocovering the image Bank

The civil husband of the singer and actress Zhanna Friske Dmitry Shepelev said the court decision at the suit of the charity organization «Rusfond», which raised money for her treatment.

On his page in Instagram Shepelev expressed his satisfaction with the fact that in this case come to an end and that the reputation of the Rusfond restored, but the decision of the court he was unhappy. According to him, neither he nor his son «this money was not touched.»

«The court was presented evidence that raised funds for a few weeks before the death of Jeanne was withdrawn by her mother Olga Friske,» he writes, adding that he does not know what they were spent in the end.

Shepelev called these actions «theft», for which his son does not have to answer, and complained that the court these actions of the mother of a child does not have qualified.

«I will continue to fight for the only thing important to me in this situation is the welfare and peace of my son and, of course, will appeal this court decision,» he said.

Zhanna Friske became known in the 90 years as one of the participants of the group «Brilliant». In 2003 she began her solo career. In addition, she made several roles in Russian films. In 2015 Friske died from brain cancer.

In January last year, the Responde said about the theft of collected funds and asked the SC to initiate a criminal case.

According to the organization, there were collected more than 25 million rubles, but relatives Friske reported only spent about four millions.

In the end, the Perovsky court of Moscow satisfied the claim of the Respond and ordered the defendants in this case to return the remaining amount not spent on treatment, more than 21 million rubles.

As defendants, the court brought the mother Friske Olga, father Vladimir, and her four year old son Platon, which represents the interests of his father Dmitry Shepelev.