T-80 go to Donbass: Poroshenko said about sending a war party tanks

© Press-service of the President to Ukrainepreteen in photobacteria T-80 tanksT-80 go to Donbass: Poroshenko said about sending a war party tanks© Press-service of the President to Ukrainepreteen the image Bank

The Ukrainian military in the zone of hostilities in the Donbass will receive a shipment of armored vehicles — about the dispatch to the area of operation of the modernized T-80 tanks was announced by the head of state Petro Poroshenko.

«Another batch of handsome men, T-80 tanks will be sent to high-mobile landing troops of Ukraine in the forefront! Keep working to strengthen our defense,» — wrote Poroshenko on his page on Facebook, posting videos from the landfill.

The recording he was accompanied by the hashtag #GloryToUkraine («Glory to Ukraine!» — the traditional greeting of Ukrainian nationalists, which is supposed to answer «glory to Heroes!»). However, neither the tanks nor the timing of their deliveries in the Donbass, Poroshenko did not mention.

Upgraded instead of new

T-80 is a main battle tank produced in the USSR. The Soviet army he joined in 1976, and after the collapse of the country remained in the armies of the former Soviet republics.

In February a meeting of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine, which considered the issue of forming the state defense order for 2017. Then Poroshenko urged to bid for the modernization of old tanks since purchase new in the required amount in the government’s budget.

«We have a choice: either one «Stronghold», or ten deeply modernized and repaired T-64 or T-80. And «Stronghold» is built at least 18 months, and the cycle of deep modernization of T-80 is 2.5 months. Thus, the question before us — or tank company at full strength, or one tank,» said the Ukrainian President.

He added that it is necessary to make a deep modernization of tanks, to provide such units of equipment in full.

As reported, the state concern «Ukroboronprom», in the Kharkov armored plant has launched the process of recovery of vehicles that have already been decommissioned and the years stood under the open sky. The result has been to form tank companies in each of the five crews of high-mobile landing troops Mat, so as the «Ukroboronprom», «could significantly increase the firepower of the paratroopers in the Donbas.»

Not enough money

In front of the Ukrainian defense industry faces many challenges related to underfunding. So, at the beginning of the year «Ukroboronprom» reported that for this reason the troops don’t get the newest tanks «Oplot», armored vehicle «Dozor-B» and other modern technology. In addition, the company warned that due to the lack of public funds will have to send on unpaid leave almost the whole team of Lviv armored plant.

And those new weapons, which from time to time, the Ukrainian producers are often development based on old Soviet technology. For example, for the tank «t Rex», which in Kiev called a Russian competitor T-14 on the platform «Armata», was the basis of the Soviet T-64 and T-72.

«War hawks»

However, in spite of that, T-80 tanks remain formidable weapon. According to the Deputy of the state Duma of the Crimea, Deputy Chairman of Committee on Affairs of nationalities Ruslan Balbec, instead of «peace doves» Ukrainian President sends Donbass «war hawks».

«Public bragging about sending modernized tanks T-80 in the area of civil military conflict means that the word «arms and the victims,» the Ukrainian President is warming to the soul,» — said the MP.

He added that the tanks T-80 is a formidable weapon in the hands of specialists, «and therefore, the Ukrainian government hoped to crush the resistance of the militia of the massive blow of the armored vehicles.»

«It is unfortunate that the pride of the Soviet tank industry was not to defend the Fatherland, and for the execution of civilians and ideological opponents,» concluded Balbec.
Again the military option?

Earlier this week, the Ukrainian head of the defense Ministry Stepan Poltorak said that Kyiv is not planning to return the control of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics by military means.

He said this during a visit to Berlin, where he met with defense Minister of Germany Ursula von der Leyen. Then Poltorak announced a number of important decisions of the President and government of Ukraine for the return of uncontrolled territories, but what would be these steps are not told.

Previous performances of Ukrainian officials was much more aggressive. So, in April the Secretary of the Council of national security and defense Alexander Turchinov told about the possible occurrence of security forces in the Donbass, and, according to him, the military should «meter by meter, mile by mile move to the East», and the main thing is «do not slip through the border.»

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov also said that the security forces must be ready to «return» uncontrolled Kiev territories. However, he stipulated that it has to happen diplomatically, not militarily.

T-80 go to Donbass: Poroshenko said about sending a war party tanks© Photo : Ministry of Defense of UkraineМетры Turchynov, centimeters Poltorak. Kiev chooses the tactics in the breakaway republics Donbasse the statement of Poltorak took skeptical. The representative of the LC in the subgroup in Minsk Rodion Miroshnik called them detached from reality. «It (the statement of Poltorak. — Ed.) only says that Ukraine today is not able to solve the problem by military means,» said Miroshnik on radio Sputnik.

Chapter LNR Igor Carpenter, in turn, noted that in the current situation on the return part of Ukraine can not be no speech. But in the future, according to him, it is not impossible.

«And if Ukraine is Pro-Russian, with the understanding that we are brothers, one family, this is the Russian world, then it is possible», — said the head of the Republic.

What is happening in the Donbass

The latest reports from zones of armed conflict suggests that the situation in the Donbass tense. According to the defense Ministry DND, the last day of the APU 58 times violated the ceasefire.

The Deputy commander of the operational command DND Eduard Baturin said that the security forces fired 450 mines and shells. According to him, the bombardment areas of Steep Beams, Yasinovataya, Yakovlevka, Vasilievka Zhabichevo, Spartacus, the Kirov and Petrovsky district of Donetsk, as well as settlements on the Mariupol direction. Killing three servicemen DPR and one was wounded.

The Ukrainian side, in turn, said that over the past day in the Donbass were injured, seven security forces.

T-80 go to Donbass: Poroshenko said about sending a war party tanksThe implementation of the Minsk agreements