The attorney General of Venezuela opposed the convocation of the constituent Assembly

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Znamenskii in Caracas. Archival photoThe attorney General of Venezuela opposed the convocation of the constituent Assembly© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Znamenskiy

The attorney General of Venezuela, Luis Ortega Diaz objected to the convening of the national constituent Assembly at the initiative of President Nicolas Maduro.

Earlier, amid days of protests opposition Maduro announced the convening of a constituent Assembly and signed the corresponding decree. Under the Venezuelan Constitution, the source of power in the country — the people of Venezuela, and this power may be exercised through a national constituent Assembly convened for changing the political system, create a new order and drafting a new Constitution.

«To address the undeniable and unprecedented crisis faced by the country, to carry out the transformation of the state, which could assume a new Constitution, is not mandatory and relevant to the case» — said in a Friday letter to Ortega díaz in the name of education Minister Elias jaua, who headed the Commission on organization of the constituent Assembly.

She explained his refusal to participate in the preparatory meeting to the meeting the intention of the authorities to hold an indirect election of the members of this Assembly and stated that the decision to convene this body can only accelerate the development of the crisis in the country and will not contribute to national reconciliation. Earlier, the Venezuelan opposition refused to participate in the work of the constituent Assembly.

From the beginning of April in Venezuela are mass protests after the Supreme court’s decision to severely limit the power of opposition in the National Assembly. The decision was reversed, but opposition supporters took to the streets demanding the resignation of the members of the court, and hold early elections. Now they are protesting against the convocation of the constituent Assembly, considering it an attempt to change the Constitution. According to recent reports, the death toll in the protests has exceeded 45 people.


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