«Until you turn blue hands.» How to protect child from violence in kindergarten

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On Friday, the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has charged to check the information about the kindergarten teacher from Angarsk, Irkutsk region, saleisha child’s mouth with duct tape. News about that in preschool there is violence, appear regularly, but even more silent stories – children do not always tell about abuse, and adults are not always able to protect them.

How to recognize in time that a child without parents bullied, and what to do if it happened, RIA Novosti learned from child psychologists and a lawyer.

«For nefig»

Kindergarten №71 from Angarsk may 16, laid out in Instagram the photo of the boy with taped mouth and the caption: «For nefig to withdraw Alexander V. myself.»

News photo caused a strong reaction in the public «Overheard Angarsk». Local residents expressed outrage at tough measures against the small child, but someone noticed that «this tape toys compared to the fact, as previously brought up, remember that you are in kindergarten did.»

One user shared a story about how «we put in a water bath in front of an open window in winter», others remembered how «tightly tied hands until you turn blue».

To cause deliberate harm to the child and to demonstrate it as an act of «norms» is inadequate and unacceptable conduct of any empathic, and mentally healthy person, says Marina Aminova, clinical, reproductive, perinatal psychologist, family therapist and specialist in working with trauma and emotional regulation.

«Such a behavior towards someone else’s child, for which you are responsible as a professional and as an adult, can be seen as an act of violence. Pretty grossly violated professional, ethical and universal principles. I would have questioned not only the professional level of the specialist, but also General mental condition,» she said.

«Violence is not only emotional, psychological and physical – after all, the teacher interacted directly with the child, in blatant violation of its borders,» emphasizes child clinical psychologist, family therapist Tatiana Kotovich. According to her, the consequences of abuse may be different, because in three years there are important psychological processes: personality development, self-esteem, communication skills.

«With such a trespass, there is a feeling of basic insecurity and necinnosti where adult you depend, and from which expect protection and security, poses a direct threat,» continues Marina Uminova. In the most severe cases it leads to developmental delays, emotional disorders and health problems.

To understand the trauma the child is able only after a long time, says Tatiana Kotovich, «If the teacher did it in the form of jokes, and the child trusted her, he certainly could perceive as a game. But sexual violence children are also often perceived as a game and as a norm. Awareness occurs when a child grows older and is faced with similar situations where violated its borders and rights, begins to read and learn about it. Repeated trauma occurs: before the baby comes, that it actually did.»

The child is better not to include in the test their hypotheses, suggests Marina Uminova: this is an additional burden and responsibility for his age, for which he can be punished: «the right thing to complain to the management of the garden, to demand penalties, audits, and often dismissal. If there is no support at the scene — it is important not to descend to go higher, not to hurt other children.»

However, any information gathered by the child, including, with the recorder, will be evidence that emphasizes Eugene, Cartago managing partner of the bar «starinsky, Cartago and partners.» According to him, the child has the right to make a record of threats and violence. It is important not to violate article 138 of the criminal code («Illicit trafficking of special technical means intended for secret obtaining information»).

«The recorder needs to be purchased officially, it should not be masked by the device. In ordinary toy or briefcase recorder you can put» – explains the lawyer.

At the stage of verification of the child must interview with a psychologist, continued the lawyer: «firstly, the fact that the deposition is a traumatic situation, and secondly, the words of the child should be professionally assessed».

With the consent of the parents may be interviewed with a psychologist and other children from the group. Adult participants can offer to undergo a polygraph test. Despite the fact that it is not a formal proof, it has guides for investigators, says lawyer: «As a rule, people who have nothing to hide, agree to a polygraph».

As evidence you can take surveillance video – they are now installed in many kindergartens: «As a rule, they also record important points: if not the fact of violence, the events preceding it».

Finally, in March 2017, the Strasbourg judges established the guilt of educators by awarding the applicant compensation for moral damages in the amount of 25 thousand euros.

Even if the testimony of children and adults are at odds, the court may reach a guilty decision on the basis of children’s testimony, says Eugene, Cartago: the main thing – the presence of objective evidence, one of which will be audio or video.

If the caregiver after the scandalous case out on their own, it is important not to stop checking, insists lawyer: if in Moscow there is a single information retrieval system of accounting for all educators – «Cloud frames», which contain all their personal data is is in other regions with the phrase «fired at will» employer, likely will not check the information about the past employee and hire him.

«But every educator, including, and caregivers, shall be the certificate of no criminal record. And if the test Redwood educators will result in a criminal case and goes to court, its data will be automatically sent to the database the MIAC, Ministry of internal Affairs, and take her to work in the kindergarten will be impossible.»


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