Visitors to the Crimean museums will see the show, look for treasure and encounter a Ghost

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mangalapura in fotobanka. Archival photoVisitors to the Crimean museums will see the show, look for treasure and encounter a Ghost© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mangalapura the image Bank

Crimean museums upcoming night will open their doors to all comers; it offers a spectacular light and music show, the search for the Royal treasure hidden a hundred years ago, a fashion show, a meeting with an otherworldly strength, as well as the «small revolution», according to the tourist portal of the Republic.

Entrance in the night from 20 to 21 may as part of the international action «Night of museums» will be free.

The Central Museum of Tauris triggers the creation of a «Manifest relationship» designed to understand modern society United by the social networks and fragmented in reality.

«Today, our manifestos are memes, images and quotes without attribution, found on open spaces the Internet, social networking has replaced the street barricades. Our language has been simplified again to the poster, and the consciousness became the «video clip» could not stand more than one page of printed text. So what we manifestarem today? Is there a place Message?», — all guests will discuss the Museum’s upcoming night.

Immediately pay attention to another pivotal event, committed a hundred years ago a true revolution in art. Then in new York, the artist Marcel Duchamp first introduced his famous «Fountain».

In honor of this event, young Crimean artists organize their «little revolution» – the exhibition the viewer will not see any traditional painting, just a modern theatre and a performance of dancers, objects, installations and performance. The project is traditionally present in the space of the Lapidarium, and bring in the lobbies and corridors of the Museum. For the audience will be developed to navigate the halls of the Museum.

Crimean palaces

Vorontsov and Massandra — produced theatrical productions. Strolling through the parks, you can participate in bookcrossing — give him his favorite book. Guests Massandra Palace will also act in the role of filmmakers. They will be asked to record on their smartphones minute video about the life of the Museum.

Livadia Palace tells about the life of the Royal family of Nicholas II, and younger visitors will hold a historic quest – all in search of the treasure of the Romanovs left behind by the representatives of the Royal dynasty one hundred ago.

Concert with musical masterpieces by Vivaldi, Mozart, Verdi, as well as a tour of the archaeological exhibition planned Bakhchisaray Museum-reserve. Adorn action speech by Spanish conductor jesús Navara.

Museum-reserve «Kalos Limen», which represents the remains of an ancient Greek city in the Northwest of Crimea, has prepared a master-class on making revolutionary paraphernalia, charges pioneer detachment, and film screenings.

In Chersonesus Tavrichesky will be light theatrical tour of the ancient city. In the Sudak fortress the night will dedicate the centennial of the October revolution. In the program – exhibition of revolutionary posters, film screenings and a dance master class. Professional dancers will arrange to reserve a master class by tango.

But the Museum of stone antiquities will introduce visitors to the Ghost. Evening tour of the collection of tombstones, stone inscriptions, sculptures, and objects of worship begins with footage of a visit to the Lapidarium of otherworldly forces.

Fans of mystics talk about the entities living in the Lapidarium, which some call ghosts, someone thinks technical problems, some dust and spiders.

In the Museum tell us that the video surveillance system photographed glowing orbs, slowly moving around the room. They don’t appear every night, but only under certain conditions. Guests of the lapidary will demonstrate video surveillance cameras, but believe it or not, they decide independently.