Ben Stiller told how during the filming of got a black eye to Adam Sandler

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Actor Ben Stiller told how got a black eye Adam Sandler while filming a fight in the movie «a family History of Mirovic», which is represented in the main competition at the Cannes film festival.

The film tells about members of a family of Mirovic and their difficult relationship. My host father Harold (Dustin Hoffman) is a sculptor and has two sons from different wives. One of them is Danny (Adam Sandler) is an unemployed father of an adult daughter, a second – Matthew, a successful businessman. Once all the family members gather in new York for a retrospective exhibition of Harold.

«This is a very low-budget movie, so we had no doubles, no rehearsals… Noah (Baumbach) did several takes, lots of takes, actually, and I’m not crippled, but Adam had a big bruise,» said Stiller.

Sandler said that he had the biggest bruise in my life — on the right hand. «And that’s double the number 34, and I beg of Ben not to touch it and start pushing me from the middle of the chest, and as soon as it starts shooting, it immediately hits me in the bruise,» said the actor, admitting that Stiller’s a good fighter.

Baumbach said that when he wrote the script, he immediately realized that there needs to be a fight, so the script evolved from this scene.

Actor Dustin Hoffman admitted that at first didn’t want to star in the film. «When I read the script, I didn’t want to do that, I didn’t want to play the old man, but my son Jake persuaded me to do it,» explained the actor.

Stiller also joked that the first forty pages of script struck him as boring because his character only appeared on the 41st page. According to him, to work with Hoffman was sometimes very sad, because on what would be his film he did not tell the breaks between filming, they all have already become classics of cinema.


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