Doctors told how to prepare for the half marathon

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How to prepare for a long race, what kind of shoes for him to pick up and how to behave after the finish line ahead of the Moscow half marathon, told RIA Novosti doctors.

Moscow half marathon will be held Sunday may 21. The route of the race passes along the embankments of the capital: Luzhnetskaya, Frunzenskaya, Prechistenskaya, Kremlin, Raushskaya Kosmodamianskaya, and. Participants of the race for 10 km, 5 km and 3 km run along the Luzhnetskaya, Savvinskaya and Krasnopresnenskaya embankments in the direction of the government House and back.

Before and after

Feeling good during the race and after it is possible to ensure, if you follow the simple rules, which told kinezioterapevt engaged in special exercises and Irina Ushakova.

«For a half hour before the race you need to eat, and people should not eat a lot. Food should be energy-capacious, for example, protein, you can eat a piece of meat, but at the same time needs to be carbohydrates to make quick energy to give. Not before the race to drink a lot of water, because it will be hard to escape. Shoes should be comfortable,» — said Ushakov.

She noted that before the start of the race it is better to do a small workout to warm up muscles then they will not be injured.

«After the race be sure to do stretching exercises to relax muscles. Immediately after you need something warm to wear, especially if you do not intend to enter into a warm room to prevent hypothermia. In such a situation, when a person is excited enough draft that a person has a cold. At this time you can drink a lot of fluid,» the doctor added.

The right gear

According to a sports doctor Artem Katulin, the best preparation for such a race is training, and the best option — to train once a week, but for a long time, and several times a week.

«In any case it is not necessary to turn into a typical office worker or Manager, and then somewhere dash. A negative factor is a sedentary life style, and (an abrupt onset) can lead to a huge number of unpleasant consequences. The main problem with marathons is damage to ankle joints, so you need before you warm-up, on problem ankles or place to pull the bandages either kinesiotaping (method for the prevention and treatment of injuries using special tapes), back makes sense, too,» said the doctor.

Katulin noted that it is important to pay special attention to the shoes, choose the one that is specifically suitable for running.

«But in any case it is not necessary to run in shoes with flat soles reamortizing. The second problem of the half – marathon is endurance. It makes sense to use some salt pills is the easiest option in order to energize the muscles to cramp. Also a few days you should start to take drugs with potassium, or to focus on a compote of dried apricots, or something else high in potassium and calcium,» added Katulin.