In St. Petersburg at the parade of vintage vehicles will pass the unique trams

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in fotomancer-flight of the besieged tram in St. Petersburg. Archival photoIn St. Petersburg at the parade of vintage vehicles will pass the unique trams© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

Unique buses, trolleybuses and trams on Sunday will take part in the parade of vintage vehicles in honor of the founding of St. Petersburg, the city Committee on transport.

Saint Petersburg, may 27, will mark the next date from the date of its Foundation: on this day, 314 years ago Peter I laid the fortress, which was named in honor of St. Peter the Apostle.

«The twenty-first of may will be held large-scale parade of vintage transport in honor of the founding of St. Petersburg. Every year, the event attracts the attention of thousands of Petersburgers and guests of the Northern capital, remaining the most unusual gift on the Day of birth», — stated in the message.

One hundred twenty-five vintage buses, trolley buses, trucks and cars will pass through the center of St. Petersburg. The convoy will depart at 12.00 from the street Nakhimov and will pass on Vasilevsky island, Palace bridge, Nevsky prospect, Suvorovsky prospect, and after the turn on the area of Proletarian Dictatorship will proceed to Garden street. After the passage of columns along the route, roughly from 14.30 on Engineering the street will unfold exhibition under the open sky, which will complement the trams.

Petersburgers and guests of the city during the parade of vintage vehicles will see a column of the famous Hungarian «Ikarus» and a single instance of long-distance ZIS-127 1956. They will be joined by legendary motor cars, among them Laurent&Clement, the contemporary of the revolution of 1905 and the ZIS-110. The parade also will be the first demonstration travel Russian unmanned bus MatrЕshka.

Also on Sunday you will see the historic trolleys from the collection of the Museum of urban electric transport. Among them — the legendary YATB-1 1936 edition with wooden case — the age of the trolleybus traffic in St. Petersburg; famous blue trolleybus MTB-82Д, sung by Bulat Okudzhava; elegant ZIU-5, famous for the capacity, speed and design.

For the first time on the streets of St. Petersburg will come to participate in the parade unique trolleycar CTG-1, equipped with a tower for inspection and maintenance of a contact network. It was designed by engineers of Petersburg Miami in the mid-1990s on the basis of the cargo trolley and exists in a single copy. Trolleycar is a trolley equipped with the electric motor and an internal combustion engine that allows it to move on the roads without wires. The machine is from the collection of the Museum of urban electric transport was restored last year.

As reported by the Committee on Engineering street trolley will be joined by vintage trams — MS and LM-49. Trams MC («Motor steel») had served more than forty years, including those served in the siege of Leningrad, becoming the main transport of the besieged city. The post-war tram LM-49 received a playful nickname «elephants» — for the color ivory in the paint scheme, solidity and external shape, resembling an elephant.