Media: Australian airliner returned to the airport due to engine overheating

© Flickr / byeangelСамолет Airbus A380. Archival photoMedia: Australian airliner returned to the airport due to engine overheating© Flickr / byeangel

A passenger aircraft of Australian airline Qantas after two hours of flight was forced to return to Los Angeles due to overheating of one of the engines, according to Agence France-Presse.

According to the Agency, passenger Airbus A380 with several hundred people on Board were heading to Melbourne for the second hour of the flight the commander of crew has reported the defects in one of the engines. Reportedly the passengers noticed sparks in one of the turbines.

The airline said that sparks could occur as a result of the engine overheating. «Flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne returned to Los Angeles because of problems with one of the four engines of the airliner», — quotes Agency the statement of the company.

As reported, the plane landed safely at an American airport. At the moment the engineers inspect the ship. Passengers were told to fly other flights.

As a result of incident nobody has suffered.