Medina invited the staff of the center of the Roerichs work at the new Museum

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All employees of the international centre of the Roerichs (ICR) can come to work in the new Museum of the Roerichs, which will be established on the basis of the Museum of the East, as the planned expansion of the state, reported the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky in an open lecture at the Central great Patriotic war Museum on Saturday.

«Our policy is that all of these employees need to take on the job, if they like Roerich, know about them, let them come. We will expand the staff of the Museum of the East, for the creation of a new big Museum of the Roerichs will require specialists,» said Medina.

April 4, the Moscow city court upheld the decision of the Federal property management Agency about the transfer of the State Museum of the East of the Lopukhins ‘ estate in the center of Moscow, where the international centre of the Roerichs. As reported in the Ministry, the Lopukhins ‘ estate back in the fall of 2015 passed in the Federal property was transferred to the state Museum of Oriental art, and the legitimacy of such actions of Federal property management Agency confirmed the decisions of the courts.

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation also said that the government as the owner carried out inspections, in which were found numerous violations of the International centre of the Roerichs: «the provision of facilities to third parties, the reconstruction of buildings without permits, unauthorized construction of object of capital construction».

At the moment, the heritage Commission is working on the inventory of the property. It is composed of the staff of the Museum of Oriental art, public men, representatives of the Institute of Oriental studies, employees of the Roerich Museum of new York. They had a full description of the Museum and are working on the description of the Depositary. The Commission plans to complete work by the end of may. In the course of work in the Depositary was able to identify some of the paintings of Nicholas Roerich, whose authenticity is in doubt. After describing the entire collection will be performed in a professional examination.


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