Moskalkova urged to finalize the draft law on withdrawal of housing debtors

© RIA Novosti / Michael Mordasova in fotomontagen bailiffs. Archival photoMoskalkova urged to finalize the draft law on withdrawal of housing debtors© RIA Novosti / Michael Mordasova the image Bank

The bill, which envisages the possibility of removing a single housing debtors, in need of edits language that deliberately make it unrealistic for implementation, said the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova.

Earlier, the Ministry of justice tabled the bill, under which bailiffs can charge debtors a single housing. The document said that it is only on the premises, «clearly exceeding» the needs in the home.

«Well, now there’s a new version (of the bill). But it is very important to introduce on first reading to fix all the nuances that obviously will make the bill unenforceable and unrealistic,» — said Moskalkova, the TV channel «Russia 24».

The Ombudsman added that it is often a good idea undermines the «legal enforcement», while she agreed with reporters that the words in this project are blurred.

«It’s not intentional… I think he was looking for the wording that can suit all, and in the end, she’s not satisfied with anyone,» she added.

Moskalkova also recalled that after the first version of this bill turned to the head of the Ministry of justice about «what you can’t take the latest housing if he (the owner) has not acquired more».