Nigeria eliminated 13 of the militants «Boko Haram»

© AP PhotoИсламистская group Boko Haram. Archival photoNigeria eliminated 13 of the militants «Boko Haram»© AP Photo

The Nigerian armed forces in the course of a special operation eliminated the 13 militants of the Islamist group Boko Haram and detained 10 more, reports associated Press with reference to the representative of the army of Nigeria.

According to the military, among the detainees were also six women, who supposedly assisted in the implementation of supplies for the militants. At the moment, the security forces establish the degree of participation of suspects to the activities of the group.

According to the representative of the armed forces of Timothy Antiga, the army had taken up a special operation to sweep the area of militants, which lasted 72 hours.

Boko Haram — a radical Islamist group operating primarily in Nigeria. Its militants opposed to the Western model of education and achieve the introduction of Sharia law throughout the country. Grouping is behind most of the terrorist attacks regularly occurring in response to directed against a military campaign being carried out by Niger, Cameroon and Chad.

Nigeria eliminated 13 of the militants «Boko Haram»© RIA Novosti, Infographiste Islamist terrorism