Poll: 62% of French people are sympathetic to the Makron

© RIA Novosti / Christina to Afanasevicha in fotobiennale macron. Archival photoPoll: 62% of French people are sympathetic to the Makron© RIA Novosti / Christina to Afanasevicha the image Bank

The new President of France Emmanuel macron is in high support of the French, second in ranking only Charles de Gaulle and Nicolas Sarkozy, the newspaper Journal du Dimanche.

According to the results of the company Ifop poll, 62% of French people are «sympathetic to the President». The publication notes that the new French President was only surpassed by Charles de Gaulle, which in 1958 was made by 67% of citizens, and Nicolas Sarkozy, who at the beginning of the presidential term in 2007, had the confidence of 65%. Predecessor of Macron, françois Hollande, is slightly inferior to the new President: in 2012, when he took office, it was supported by 61% of the French, but by the end of the period this figure has fallen dramatically, and Hollande is the most unpopular President of France.

The results of the study of public opinion published by the newspaper, also show that the first week of the presidency of the Makron satisfied all segments of the population and almost all political groups. The only exception was the supporters of the party «national front», 77% of which said that he was unhappy with the new President.

As reports the edition, the French believe that the Makron «celebrates not only the renewal, youth and progressiveness, but also elegance and authority.» Respondents approve of the new government and believe that the President managed to form an effective composition, despite its political diversity. «He put the best seats, not sharing political views», — quotes the edition of one of the respondents.

The survey was conducted on 19 and 20 may, attended by 973 people.