Pope Francis will appoint five new cardinals at the end of June

© AP Photo / L’osservatore Romano/PoolПапа Roman Francis in the Vatican. Archival photoPope Francis will appoint five new cardinals at the end of June© AP Photo / L’osservatore Romano/Pool

Pope Francis announced on Sunday that 28 June, during a Consistory will be erected in the cardinal virtue of five new bishops of the Roman Catholic Church from around the world.

«I want to announce that on Wednesday 28 June, will hold a Consistory for the appointment of five new cardinals,» said the Pope in conclusion, the traditional Sunday sermon at St. Peter’s square at the Vatican.

In this regard, he stressed that the new «purpureas» come from different countries, demonstrating the universal nature of the Roman Catholic Church.

The new «princes of the Church» in June will be: the Archbishop of the capital of Mali Jean Zerbo, Archbishop of Barcelona, the Spanish Juan Jose Omella, Bishop of Stockholm Anders Arborelius and two titular Bishop – Lao Louis-Marie Ling Marchenko and Salvadoran Gregorio Rosa Chavez.

The last Consistory at which Pope Francis was elevated to cardinal virtue 17 hierarchs of the Roman Catholic Church held in Vatican city on November 19.