The ISS crew will hold an unscheduled spacewalk

© NASAВид to Earth from the ISSThe ISS crew will hold an unscheduled spacewalk© NASA

The crew of the International space station (ISS) will make an unplanned spacewalk to replace a failed relay, NASA said on Sunday.

On Saturday on one of the farms of the ISS has failed installed in late March, MDM-relay box. NASA has decided on the need for unscheduled spacewalks to replace broken parts.

«The decision about the specific date of the spacewalks, and who’s (from crew members) to conduct, to be adopted later Sunday,» reported NASA. Previously known that he won’t arrive until Tuesday and will last about two hours. NASA has no plans other tasks for the crew in addition to the replacement of defective parts.

The cause of the problem, as reported by NASA, is still unknown, but experts suggest that it is localized inside the box and does not affect the operation of the station.

«The failure of MDM-relay boxes are not subjected to the crew of the danger,» — said the Agency, stressing that «the other MDM relay box works perfectly and provides uninterrupted transmission of telemetry data between the systems.»

On Sunday, the commander of the crew of NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson tested available aboard the ISS spare relay box and reported that it is ready to install to replace the failed one.