The Mexicans have created a petition demanding the deportation of the beaten Russians

© Flickr / TobiasАвтомобиль ambulance, Mexico. Archival photoThe Mexicans have created a petition demanding the deportation of the beaten Russians© Flickr / Tobias

Citizens of Mexico have created on the platform a petition to the authorities of the state of Quintana Roo to expel Russian Alexei Makeyev, because of its aggressive behavior toward Mexicans.

Earlier it became known that Makeev was seriously wounded in an attack by a crowd that had come to his house. In this case, he stabbed one of the Mexicans, who later died. Makeev became known in Mexico thanks to your videos, which are constantly wrongly insulted the people of this country, threatened them, and then spread to the Internet, accompanying the entry with a display of Nazi symbols.

«Behavior and threats that the person is forced to urgently request the intervention of the Mexican authorities to this subject could not continue to attack children, the elderly and in General people just because they are Mexicans,» reads the petition text.

Now their signatures to the petition has already supplied more than 7.2 thousand people. It should then be sent to the head of the Congress of Quintana Roo Eduardo Martinez Arcila.

Earlier, the national migration Institute of Mexico said that he intends to ask the Russian Consulate to facilitate the deportation Makeeva home. As noted portal Excelsior, Makeev possible deportation can only occur after investigation of the circumstances of the attack on his house, and preceded that of the calling behavior of the Russians.

Now upon death of the Mexican as a result of events at the house Makeeva, attorney General of the state of Quintana Roo is under investigation. According to prosecutors, the crime of murder with the use of a harpoon suspect that a foreign national, Notimex reports. His personal details were not disclosed, but shown in the message, the initials coincide with the initials of Makeeva. The suspect is now in hospital and is considered to be detainees.

Earlier, the Russian Consul in Mexico city Dmitry Bolbot told RIA Novosti that Makeev got a permanent residence permit in Mexico as a refugee, but is a Russian citizen, a native of Elektrostal. As reported by Bolbot now Makeev put into a state of artificial coma, he has severe traumatic brain injury, and he’s paralyzed.

According to the Consul, previous attempts to send Makeeva from Mexico was not a success, because without his desire, which he does not show that Russia has nothing to do with him, he has to want to be deported and fill in the application form or the decision on his deportation should be taken by the competent authorities.