Trump said that in the middle East growing humanitarian disaster

© AFP 2017 / Mandel NganДональд the trump in RiyadhTrump said that in the middle East growing humanitarian disaster© AFP 2017 / Mandel Ngan

The US President Donald trump said that the middle East is a humanitarian catastrophe.

«Today we face a humanitarian disaster, catastrophe, security in the region, and it (the crash — ed.) is growing,» said trump, in a speech on combating terrorism at the summit with the leaders of the countries with a predominantly Muslim population in Riyadh. Trump’s speech was broadcast by American television.

«The potential of the middle East region keep the bloodshed and the terror,» said trump, noting the danger of further radicalization of countries not affected by the currently conflict.

According to him, the meeting in Riyadh «could be the beginning of peace in the middle East and perhaps beyond». «We will strengthen existing alliances and create new ones, promoting security and stability in the middle East and beyond,» said trump.

Millions of people became refugees in recent years as a result of conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other middle Eastern countries.