Activists of «Other Russia» poured Glavred «echo of Moscow» whiskey

Activists of the movement «Other Russia» poured whiskey editor-in-chief of radio station «Echo of Moscow» Alexei Venediktov during a public discussion «Open library», the video was posted on a social network «Vkontakte».

The record shows, as the stage ran three people and doused Venediktov liquid from bottles.

One of the attackers stated that this action «Other Russia», then the second activist threw into the hall a pack of leaflets. After the attack, the guards pulled them from the stage.

Later Venediktov in his microblog on Twitter said that the whiskey was watered down.

Whisky I poured Limonov, was diluted with water. Apparently, they drank half of it before.

— Alexey Venediktov (@aavst) may 21, 2017

«The other Russia» — unregistered Russian political party established in July 2010 at the Congress in Moscow. In January 2011 the party was denied official registration. «The other Russia» in favour of civic nationalism, revolutionary socialism and direct democracy. Members of the organization are repeatedly subjected to criminal prosecution for participating in the banned National Bolshevik party.