Bloggers can help to explain the youth of the decision of the Ministry of education

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The Ministry of education is considering the possibility of attracting bloggers to raise awareness of the youth legislative initiatives and decisions of the Ministry, told journalists on Monday the Deputy Minister of education and science Veniamin Kaganov.

Earlier, the Minister of education and science Olga Vasileva, speaking at the parliamentary hearings in the state Duma, said that following the work of bloggers in the network and hopes that some of their ideas can be implemented the Ministry of education together with representatives of the blogosphere.

«Many of the decisions… they will not understand immediately. Why are they (accepted), and they work. And here, of course, we need more dialogue. Not only to say that we have done, but to answer questions – why, what gives, what is the use. I think it would be very helpful,» said Hagan.

The Deputy Minister explained that in particular the use of resources of the blogosphere as a channel of information to young people.

«There should be a two-way street. Because if we do not receive questions we should be impossible. So if you have questions, please. I personally in my sphere is ready to answer any questions,» he added.