EC: Greece has fulfilled the financial obligations to remain in the Eurozone

© AP Photo / Petros Giannakouris,the stock exchange in Athens, Greece. Archival photoEC: Greece has fulfilled the financial obligations to remain in the Eurozone© AP Photo / Petros Giannakouris,

Greece met commitments under financial assistance programmes, which suggests that the country is ready to take on the obligation to stay in the Eurozone, said the European Commissioner for economy and Finance Pierre Moscovici to reporters before the Eurogroup meeting.

The Council of Finance Ministers of the Eurozone countries (Eurogroup) on Monday will again discuss the situation with the allocation of loans to Greece international financial support.

The recent actions of the Greek authorities confirm that «they are ready to take on the responsibilities to remain in the Eurozone,» said Moscovici.

The Greek Parliament last week passed a law confirming an arrangement with creditors under the program of financial aid. He, in particular, envisages a reduction of 18% of pensions from 2019, lower wages, cuts in social benefits and tax increases, the collective dismissal of workers, defines their order, and control measures are also planned reform in the energy sector, privatization of enterprises and determined the medium-term financial strategy for the years 2018-2021.

«Yes, Greece has fulfilled its obligations,» said Moscovici, adding that it is now up to the partners of Greece.

Funds of the Eurozone and the international monetary Fund to lend to Greece, which is included in the currency bloc, avoid the default since 2010. Now there is a third support program, launched in 2015, its volume — over 80 billion euros. The program, in its idea, should be completed in mid-2018, but the two previous programs I had, anyway, to complement the new measures to aid.