In KHMAO, the number of fatal alcohol poisoning fell by almost two times

© Flickr / 96dpiБутылка wine. Archival photoIn KHMAO, the number of fatal alcohol poisoning fell by almost two times© Flickr / 96dpi

In the first quarter of 2017 on the territory of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous area was recorded 22 cases of alcohol poisoning resulting in death, which is almost twice less than in the same period last year, reported RIA Novosti the regional management of Rospotrebnadzora.

«For the first quarter of 2017 in Ugra was 100 cases of acute poisoning associated with the consumption of alcohol, while 22 of them led to death. In the same period in 2016 was 130 poisoning of them fatal — 41 case,» said the Agency, adding that regardless of the number of intoxicated number of fatal episodes remains at «unacceptably high level».

According to Rospotrebnadzor, has also reduced the number of alcohol poisoning by minors — 11 recorded evidence against 20 the year before.

«Among children and adolescents the last two years are not registered lethal cases resulting from the consumption of alcohol-containing products», — stressed in the Department.

Experts also note that almost one in six poisoning accounts for methanol, brake fluid, windshield wipers and alcohol substitutes.

«Over the last three months of 2017 cases of fatal outcomes in the use of methanol is not registered. The survivors of methanol poisoning, has been profoundly disabled», — summarized in the CPS.