In the Ivanovo area school security guard to be tried for beating student

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Employee chop, who worked as a guard at the school, will stand trial for beating 12-year-old student, informs on Monday regional investigatory management SK the Russian Federation.

According to investigators, the day 28 December 2016 53-year-old employee of the chop was on duty at the secondary school № 7 of the city of Kokhma.

«Seeing the face of one of the students at the school black eye and hearing 12-year-old expressed to the girls insult, the guard decided that the boy is related to the appearance of a bruise. The requirement on men to approach the teenager refused. Later, when the student passed, the guard gave him a kick in the back», — stated in the message.

In response, according to investigators, the teenager insulted the security guard and ran for the school. The man caught up with him, grabbed, according to the result, over the hood of the jacket, dragged to the snow, where «pressing student to the ground, put the snow by the collar of his clothes and several times pressed her face to the snow, tore off a teenager’s hat and threw it to the side».

«After… the man stood up, kicked in the buttocks area while on his knees in semi-prone position of the student,» says the investigation.

Regarding the guard opened a criminal case under article «abuse of authority employee of private security organizations that have the identity private security guard, in performing their official duties». The sanction of this article provides till two years of imprisonment. As explained by RIA Novosti senior assistant head of the regional Department of the RF IC Irina Kotova, after the incident, the guard immediately quit.

«Currently, in the criminal case approved the indictment in the near future the case will be sent to court for consideration in essence» — says the investigation.