In the ROC expect the relics of St. Nicholas worship record number of people

© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly in photobacteria believers the Holy relics of St. Nicholas in the Cathedral of Christ the SaviorIn the ROC expect the relics of St. Nicholas worship record number of people© RIA Novosti / Eugene to Novostinearly the image Bank

The relics of St. Nicholas, for the first time in history delivered from Bari to Russia, could worship the greater number of people than the belt of the virgin in 2011, when a Shrine is touched 3.5 million people, said the former head of the Patriarchal press service, the rector of the Church of St. Tatiana, Moscow state University, Archpriest Vladimir Vigilyansky.

The relics of St. Nicholas on Sunday, arrived a special flight to the airport «Vnukovo» from the papal Basilica of Bari. Previously, for all 930 years of stay of the relics in Bari they have never left the city limits. Until 12 July the relics will be placed in the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and from 13 July to 28 July, they will be held in St. Petersburg, probably in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

Access to the relics for everyone will be open from 14.00 on Moscow. Now follow those who came for the morning service. On the approach to the temple was formed a long queue that starts from the Crimean bridge.

«I can say that back then (in 2001) was a wild cold. People stand here in the warm days, so there may be more,» — said Vigilyansky.

As another argument, he cited the fact that the relics of Saint Nicholas will be in Russia than the belt of the virgin. Then, from 20 October to 27 November 2011 was able to put 3.5 million in 16 cities, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In Moscow the record of standing in the queue to the Shrine was 26 hours.